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US Counter-Terrorism Strategy...

Contemporary Security Studies (Series)

Joshua A. Geltzer Author

Military Ethics and Virtues

Cass Military Studies (Series)

Peter Olsthoorn Author

The American Culture of War

Adrian R. Lewis Author

Ways of War

Matthew S. Muehlbauer Author
David J. Ulbrich Author

Tragedy of Vietnam

Patrick J. Hearden Author

Shipbuilding, Navigation and...

K.S. Mathew Author

The Indian Frontier

Jos Gommans Author

British Policy and the...

Yvonne Kapp Author
Margaret Mynatt Author

11 September 2001

Bulent Gokay Editor
R.B.J. Walker Editor

Strategy and Politics in the...

Michael Cohen Author

The Transformation of...

Lawrence Freedman Author

The Guy Liddell Diaries,...

Nigel West Author

Contemporary Military Theory

Jan Angstrom Author
J.J. Widen Author

The Hutchinson Atlas of World...

Stephen Badsey Editor

Labour and the Poor in...

Jules Ginswick Author

India's Doctrine Puzzle

Ali Ahmed Author

New Conventional Weapons and...

Ian Bellany Author
Tim Huxley Author

Strategy and Politics

Colin S. Gray Author

The Battlefields of Imphal

Hemant Singh Katoch Author

Understanding Naval Warfare

Ian Speller Author

The Power of Currencies and...

Alan Wheatley Author

Weary Policeman

Dana Allin Editor

Military Reform and...

Karabekir Akkoyunlu Author

A World in Flames

Martin Kitchen Author

Exploration of the South Seas...

Sandhya Patel Editor

The Evolution of US...

Michael G. MacKinnon Author

Military Power

Brian Holden Reid Editor

Germans as Minorities during...

Panikos Panayi Editor

Shaping US Military Law

Joshua E. Kastenberg Author

History Flows through Us

Roger Frie Editor

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

Lester W. Grau Editor

Risk Analysis and Security...

Thomas L. Norman CPP/PSP/CSC Author

Masters of War

Michael I. Handel Author

The Great War and Americans...

Kenneth D. Rose Author

Chinese Security Policy

Robert Ross Author

Citizen and Soldier

Henry C. Dethloff Author
Gerald E. Shenk Author

Foreign Aid as Foreign Policy

Jeffrey Taffet Author

Routledge Handbook of...

Myriam Dunn Cavelty Editor
Thierry Balzacq Editor

Dimensions of Western...

Colin McInnes Editor
Nicholas J. Wheeler Editor

Everyday Forms of Peasant...

James C Scott Editor
Benedict J Tria Kerkvliet Editor

Command or Control?

Dr Martin Samuels Author
Martin Samuels Author

The Quest for Total Peace

R. Jouejati Author

Business in the Age of Reason

R.P.T. Davenport-Hines Author
Jonathan Liebenau Author


John Gooch Editor

American War Plans 1945-1950

Steven T. Ross Author

US National Defense for the...

Edward A. Olsen Author

Twenty-First Century Weapons...

James M. Ludes Editor
Henry Sokolski Editor

The Routledge Handbook of...

Christos Frentzos Editor
Antonio Thompson Editor