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Quantum Computing Devices

Goong Chen Author
David A. Church Author

Mobile Lives

International Library of Sociology (Series)

Anthony Elliott Author
John Urry Author


Shana Cohen Author
Larabi Jaidi Author

Oceanography and Marine Biology

R. N. Gibson Editor
R. J. A. Atkinson Editor

The New Cosmic Onion

Frank Close Author

Astronomically Speaking

C.C. Gaither Editor
Alma E Cavazos-Gaither Editor

Quarks, Leptons and The Big...

Jonathan Allday Author

The Basics of Oil Spill Cleanup

Merv Fingas Author

The Geology of the Everglades...

Edward J. Petuch Author
Charles Roberts Author

Florida Ethnobotany

Daniel F. Austin Author

Practical Handbook of Marine...

Michael J. Kennish Author

Organic Light-Emitting...

Zhigang Li Editor
Hong Meng Editor

The Nature of Light

Chandra Roychoudhuri Editor
A.F. Kracklauer Editor

Analysis of Pesticides in...

Jose L. Tadeo Editor

Chromatic Monitoring of...

Gordon Rees Jones Editor
Anthony G. Deakin Editor


David M. Mousdale Author

Chemistry and the Chemical...

Robert A. Smiley Author
Harold L. Jackson Author

Introduction to Bioinformatics

Anna Tramontano Author

Naturally Speaking

C.C. Gaither Author
Alma E Cavazos-Gaither Author

Energy Management and...

Frank Kreith Editor
D. Yogi Goswami Editor

Introduction to Quantum...

Domenico D'Alessandro Author

Practical GIS Analysis

David L. Verbyla Author


Geoffrey Beale Author
John R. Preer, Jr. Author

Electronic Structure Modeling

Carl Trindle Author
Donald Shillady Author

Handbook of Particle Physics

M.K. Sundaresan Author

Handbook for Restoring Tidal...

Joy B. Zedler Editor

International Poisonous...

D. Jesse Wagstaff Author


Shui Qing Ye Editor

Handbook of Listeria...

Dongyou Liu Editor

Hydrogen Fuel

Ram B. Gupta Editor

Self Assembly

John A. Pelesko Author

Quantum Mechanics

David Ferry Author

Systems Biology

A.K. Konopka Editor

Scientifically Speaking

C.C. Gaither Author
Alma E Cavazos-Gaither Author

Bitter Nemesis

John Buckingham Author

Developmental Genetics and...

Quentin C.B. Cronk Editor
Richard M. Bateman Editor

Minding the Heavens

Leila Belkora Author

Science Askew

Donald M Simanek Author
John. Holden Author

The Everglades, Florida Bay,...

James W. Porter Editor
Karen G. Porter Editor

An Introduction to...

Rory A Cooper Editor
Hisaichi Ohnabe Editor

Dictionary of Geophysics,...

Richard A. Matzner Editor

Emergency Response Handbook...

John R. Cashman Author

Fiber Optic Sensors

Shizhuo Yin Editor
Paul B. Ruffin Editor

Handbook of Alternative Fuel...

Sunggyu Lee Editor
James G. Speight Editor

Plato Etc

Classical Texts in Critical Realism (Series)

Roy Bhaskar Author

Modeling Hydrologic Change

Richard H. McCuen Author

Watershed Health Monitoring

Chris Jones Author
R. Mark Palmer Author

A Handbook of Global...

Robert A. Francis Editor