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Loss of Self in Psychosis

Simon Jakes Author

Theories of Practice in Tourism

Laura James Editor
Carina Ren Editor

Teaching the Beatles

Paul O Jenkins Editor
Hugh Jenkins Editor

Poverty Law and Legal Activism

Adam Gearey Author

Life at Home for People with...

Ruth Bartlett Author
Tula Brannelly Author

Women's Health and...

Jon Adams Editor
Amie Steel Editor

Guerrilla Film Marketing

Robert G. Barnwell Author

Developing Creativity and...

Julie Johnson Author
Ann Watts Author

Cultural Safety,Healthcare...

Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu Author

The Superintendent's Rulebook

Patrick Darfler-Sweeney Author

Legal English

Rupert Haigh Author

Understanding Community...

Gerald L. Gordon Author

Interior Design Masters

Mark Hinchman Author
Elyssa Yoneda Author

Art, Play, and Narrative Therapy

Lisa B. Moschini Author

Gangs and Organized Crime

George W. Knox Author
Gregg Etter Author

The Materiality of Mourning

Zahra Newby Editor
Ruth Toulson Editor

The Disappearance of Moral...

Dallas Willard Author
Steven L. Porter Editor

Educational Policy, Narrative...

Allan Luke Author

Navigating the Transition...

Meg Grigal Editor
Joseph Madaus Editor

Communicating Causes

Nicky Garsten Editor
Ian Bruce Editor

European Navies and the...

Carlos Alfaro-Zaforteza Author
Alan James Author


Colette Soler Author

Perform Suzhou

Xiaobin Jian Author
Jianfen Wang Author

The Bronfenbrenner Primer

Lawrence Shelton Author

Femicide and the Law

Hava Dayan Author

Screening Protest

Alexa Robertson Editor

Public Commissions on...

Katayoun Alidadi Editor
Marie-Claire Foblets Editor

Explaining Human Diversity

Carles Salazar Author

The SHORT! Guide to Producing

Charles Merzbacher Author

Saving Spaces

John H. Sprinkle, Jr. Author

The Psychoanalysis of...

Paul Marcus Author

Financing Roma Inclusion with...

Joanna Kostka Author

Instrumental Data for Drug...

Terry Mills Author


Poolla Tirupati Raju Author

The Handbook of Mental Health...

Laura McGrath Editor
Paula Reavey Editor

Mobility and Identity in Europe

Andre Novoa Author

Classroom Management From the...

Todd Whitaker Author
Madeline Whitaker Good Author

The Lean IT Expert

Niels Loader Author

Critical News Literacy

Jeffrey Dvorkin Author

Play in Philosophy and Social...

Henning Eichberg Author
Signe Larsen Editor

Adolescent Development

Wim Meeus Author

Technology and Innovation for...

Eleonora Pantano Author
Clara Bassano Author

Sport Fans

Daniel L. Wann Author
Jeffrey D. James Author

The Art and Craft of...

Leslie Paul Thiele Author

Responsive Legality

Zach Richards Author

The Syrian Conflict

Ghaidaa Hetou Author

The Social Organisation of...

Jack Goody Author

Choice and Constraint in a...

Ann Patricia Caplan Author