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A Brief History of Cocaine

Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM Author

Officer-Involved Shootings...

David E. Hatch Author
Randy Dickson Author

Child Homicide

Lita Linzer Schwartz Author
Natalie K. Isser Author

Drug Abuse Handbook

Steven B. Karch, MD, FFFLM Editor

Ethics in Forensic Science

Peter D. Barnett Author

Forensic Human Identification

Tim Thompson Editor
Sue Black Editor

OSHA Compliance Management

Elsie Tai Author

Corporate Safety Compliance

Thomas D. Schneid Author

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Tom Bevel Author
Ross M. Gardner Author

Handbook for Death Scene...

Jay Dix Author

Biobehavioral Resilience to...

Brian J. Lukey Editor
Victoria Tepe Editor

Global Drug Enforcement

Gregory D. Lee Author

Methods in Environmental...

Stephen M. Mudge Editor

Forensic Science Laboratory...

Thomas Kubic Author
Nicholas Petraco Author

Practical Handbook for...

Rory J. McMahon, CLI, CFE Author

Informants and Undercover...

Dennis G. Fitzgerald Author

Crime Scene Processing...

Donald A. Hayden Author

Practical Investigation of...

Thomas P. Carney Author

Instinct Combat Shooting

Chuck Klein Author

Poverty Law and Legal Activism

Adam Gearey Author

Space Law

Francis Lyall Author

European Drug Policies

Renaud Colson Editor
Henri Bergeron Editor

Controlling Urban Events

Andrea Pavoni Author

Transnational Corruption and...

Simeon Obidairo Author

Forensic Medicolegal Injury...

Mary H. Dudley, M.D. Author

Law and Economics in India

Bimal N. Patel Editor
Ranita Nagar Editor

Urban Life in Post-Soviet Asia

Catharine Alexander Editor
Victor Buchli Editor

Theoretical Criminology from...

Wayne Morrison Author

Windows onto Jewish Legal...

Hanina Ben-Menahem Editor
Arye Edrei Editor

Human Rights and Empire

Costas Douzinas Author

Land Law and Policy in Papua...

John T. Mugambwa Author
Harrison A. Amankwah Author

Surveillance and Democracy

Kevin D. Haggerty Editor
Minas Samatas Editor

Erotic Justice

Ratna Kapur Author

Building on the Decade of...

John Epp Author

The Politics of the Common Law

Adam Gearey Author
Wayne Morrison Author

Law & the Beautiful Soul

Alan Norrie Author

Media Law

Sallie Spilsbury Editor

Law Across Borders

Paul Arnell Author

Informal Reckonings

Andrew Woolford Author
R.S. Ratner Author

Human Rights and the Criminal...

Anthony Amatrudo Author
Leslie William Blake Author

Punishment and Madness

Toby Seddon Author

The Land is the Source of the...

C.F. Black Author

Why We Take Drugs

Tom Yardley Author

The Identity of the...

Michel Rosenfeld Author

Sovereignty, Knowledge, Law

Panu Minkkinen Author

Secrets and Laws

Melanie Williams Editor