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Making Room in Our Hearts

Micky Duxbury Author

Family Identity

Vittorio Cigoli Author
Eugenia Scabini Author

Promoting Positive Parenting

Femmie Juffer Editor
Marian J. Bakermans-Kranenburg Editor

Families Under Fire

Routledge Psychosocial Stress (Series)

R. Blaine Everson Editor
Charles R. Figley Editor

The Future of the...

Omar F. Hamouda Author
Robin Rowley Author

Clinical and Research Uses of...

Irwin Epstein Author
Ken Peake Author

Young Victims, Young Offenders

Letitia C Pallone Author

Narrative and Violence

Mammad Aidani Author

Sex Offender Treatment

Edmond J Coleman Author
Margretta Dwyer Author

Couples Coping with Stress

Mariana K. Falconier Editor
Ashley K. Randall Editor

Making Chaplaincy Work

Laurel A Burton Author

Alcohol and Substance Abuse...

Judith Brook Author
Barry Stimmel Author

Mum and Dad are Separating

Marina Tsioumanis Author

Head Over Heels

Virginia Erhardt Author

Justice for All

Norman J. Johnson Author
James H Svara Author

Queering Teen Culture

Jeffery P Dennis Author

Adolescent Substance Abuse

John S Wodarski Author
Marvin D Feit Author

The Therapist's Notebook for...

Joy S. Whitman Author
Cynthia J. Boyd Author

Men's Violence Against Women

Christopher Kilmartin Author
Julie Allison Author

Protecting Children from...

James Michael Lampinen Editor
Kathy Sexton-Radek Editor

Young People and Work

Robin Price Author
Paula McDonald Author

Campus Violence

Leighton Whitaker Author
Jeffrey Pollard Author

Sexual Abuse in Residential...

Wander Braga Author
Mat Raymond Schimmer Author

One of the Boys

David Plummer Author

Social Work and Intimate...

Mary Allen Author

The Etiology and Prevention...

Steven Schinke Author
Gilbert J Botvin Author

Risk and Resilience

John G. Borkowski Editor
Jaelyn R. Farris Editor

Parent Partnership Services...

Sheila Wolfendale Editor

Augustus and the Family at...

Beth Severy Author

Behind the Eight Ball

Tanya Telfair Sharpe Author

Grief, Loss and Bereavement

Peter Wimpenny Editor
John Costello Editor

Faith-Based Initiatives and...

James W Ellor Author
F. Ellen Netting Author

How Not to be a Hypocrite

Adam Swift Author

Social Work and Child Sexual...

David A Shore Author
Jon Conte Author

Aging and Family Therapy

George Hughston Author
Victor Christopherson Author

Alcoholism and Sexual...

Bruce Carruth Author

Children of Divorce

Craig Everett Author

Multicultural Psychology

Gordon C. Nagayama Hall Author

Human Trafficking and...

Belachew Gebrewold Editor
Johanna Kostenzer Editor

Engaging Theories in Family...

Dawn O. Braithwaite Editor
Elizabeth A. Suter Editor

Children of Divorce

John H. Harvey Author
Mark A. Fine Author

Identifying Child Molesters

Carla Van Dam Author

Being in Child Care

Gerry Fewster Author
Jerome Beker Author

Viktor Frankl's Contribution...

Melvin A. Kimble Editor

Simple and Complex...

Mary Beth Williams Author
John F Sommer Jr. Author

Sexual Offender Treatment

Edmond J Coleman Author
Michael Miner Author

Encyclopedia of Ageism

Erdman B. Palmore Editor
Laurence Branch Editor

Gangs and Youth Subcultures

Kayleen Hazlehurst Editor
Cameron Hazlehurst Editor