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Photography Theory

James Elkins Editor

The Queer Sixties

Patricia Juliana Smith Editor

An A-Z of Modern America

Alicia Duchak Author

The Healthy Edit

John Rosenberg Author

Aesthetic 3D Lighting

Lee Lanier Author

The Grip Book

Michael Uva Author

Architecture, Islam, and...

Michelle Apotsos Author

The Complete Guide to Film...

Lorene M. Wales Author

Dancing in Damascus

Miriam Cooke Author

Women Photographers and...

Claire Raymond Author

Interior Design Masters

Mark Hinchman Author
Elyssa Yoneda Author

The SHORT! Guide to Producing

Charles Merzbacher Author

Fine Cuts

Roger Crittenden Author

A Best Practice Guide to Sex...

John Bucher Author

Internet Culture

David Porter Editor

Sustainable by Design

Stuart Walker Author

Avid Editing

Sam Kauffmann Author
Ashley Kennedy Author

Modern Art

Pam Meecham Author
Julie Sheldon Author

Interactive Narratives and...

Kelly McErlean Author

The Filmmaker's Guide to...

Eran Dinur Author

Rethinking Place in South...

Deborah S. Hutton Editor
Rebecca M. Brown Editor

Engaging the Senses

Helen J. Chatterjee Author
Leonie Hannan Author

Disciplinary Measures from...

Kenneth J.E. Graham Author

Dictionary of Visual Discourse

Barry Sandywell Author

Uncertain Images

Elizabeth Edwards Author
Sigrid Lien Author

Sound Design for Low & No...

Patrick Winters Author

Engaging in Community Music

Lee Higgins Author
Lee Willingham Author

Architecture and the...

Martin Bressani Author

Design-Centered Entrepreneurship

Min Basadur Author
Michael Goldsby Author

Sexy Bodies

Elizabeth Grosz Editor
Elspeth Probyn Editor


Simon Donger Editor
Simon Shepherd Editor

Cultural Studies

Lawrence Grossberg Author

Cultural Studies

Lawrence Grossberg Editor
Janice Radway Editor

Pictures and Tears

James Elkins Author

Curious Lessons in the Museum

Claire Robins Author


Stephen Games Author

Craft of Use

Kate Fletcher Author

Pilgrimage and Politics in...

Imma Ramos Author

Museums and Restitution

Louise Tythacott Editor
Kostas Arvanitis Editor

Food and Knowledge in...

Deborah L Krohn Author

After Effects for Designers

Chris Jackson Author

Balzac, Grandville, and the...

Keri Yousif Author

The Art of Drawing Folds

Kelly Brine Author

Museums, Migration and...

Christopher Whitehead Author
Susannah Eckersley Author

Cultural Studies 11.1

Lawrence Grossberg Editor
Della Pollock Editor

A Philosophy of Computer Art

Dominic Lopes Author

Crusoe's Footprints

Patrick Brantlinger Author

Cultural Studies

Lawrence Grossberg Editor
Cary Nelson Editor