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The 10 Step MBA for Safety...

Waddah S Ghanem Al Hashmi Author
Rob Cooling Author

A History of American Gifted...

Jennifer L. Jolly Author

The Creative Critic

Katja Hilevaara Editor
Emily Orley Editor

Encyclopedia of US Labor and...

Eric Arnesen Editor

Loss of Self in Psychosis

Simon Jakes Author

Inclusion and Autism Spectrum...

Christopher B. Denning Author
Amelia K. Moody Author

Global Sourcebook of Address...

Graham Rhind Author

Theories of Practice in Tourism

Laura James Editor
Carina Ren Editor

Engaging Families in Schools

Nicola S. Morgan Author

Colonial Land Tax and...

Thangellapali Vijay Kumar Author

Teaching the Beatles

Paul O Jenkins Editor
Hugh Jenkins Editor


Edgar Prestage Author

European Drug Policies

Renaud Colson Editor
Henri Bergeron Editor

Popular Spiritualities

Lynne Hume Author
Kathleen McPhillips Editor

Life at Home for People with...

Ruth Bartlett Author
Tula Brannelly Author

Theorising Teaching in...

Beverley Bell Author

Health Insurance Reforms in Asia

Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk Author

Power and the Psychiatric...

Dave Holmes Author
Jean Daniel Jacob Author

Paul Bekker's Musical Ethics

Nanette Nielsen Author

The Subversive Poetics of...

Marieke Dubbelboer Author

The Last Days of Humanism

Alfonso Rey Author

Nicolas Medtner

Barrie Martyn Author

Much Ado Over Coffee

Bhaswati Bhattacharya Author

Norms, Groups, Conflict, and...

Ayfer Dost-Gozkan Author

Managing Emergent Phenomena

Stephen J. Guastello Author

The Syllables of Time

Teresa Whitington Author

Languages and Literary...

Kousar.J. Azam Editor

The Voyage of George...

W.Kaye Lamb Editor

Decolonizing Modernism

JoseLuis Venegas Author

Integrating Building...

Elizabeth J. Grant Author

A Political Chronology of the...

Europa Publications Author

A Dictionary of the European...

Lee McGowan Author
David Phinnemore Author


Holinshead Editor

Revealing Architectural Design

Philip Plowright Author

Select Statutes, Documents...

Theodore Gregory Editor

Dutch Art

Sheila D. Muller Editor

Christian and Critical...

Mary Shepard Wong Editor
Suresh Canagarajah Editor


Vincenzo Ruggiero Author
Nigel South Author

Shipbuilding, Navigation and...

K.S. Mathew Author

Muslims, Identity, and...

Brian Calfano Author

Women in European Culture and...

Deborah Simonton Editor

The Ten Most Influential...

Simon Unwin Author

Forensic Medicolegal Injury...

Mary H. Dudley, M.D. Author

Controlling Soviet Labour

Arnot Author

Women, Microfinance and the...

K. Kalpana Author

Law and Economics in India

Bimal N. Patel Editor
Ranita Nagar Editor

The Future of the...

Omar F. Hamouda Author
Robin Rowley Author

Theories of Violent Conflict

Jolle Demmers Author