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Colonial Land Tax and...

Thangellapali Vijay Kumar Author

European Drug Policies

Renaud Colson Editor
Henri Bergeron Editor

International Intervention in...

Michael C. Davis Author
Wolfgang Dietrich Author

The Politics and Culture of...

Hans Löfgren Editor
Prakash Sarangi Editor

Degrees of Freedom

Edwin van de Haar Author


Vincenzo Ruggiero Author
Nigel South Author

Muslims, Identity, and...

Brian Calfano Author

Theories of Violent Conflict

Jolle Demmers Author

Integrating Climate Change...

Livia Bizikova Author
John Robinson Author

Urban Life in Post-Soviet Asia

Catharine Alexander Editor
Victor Buchli Editor

Local Elections in Britain

Colin Rallings Author
Michael Thrasher Author

Human Rights and Empire

Costas Douzinas Author

Surveillance and Democracy

Kevin D. Haggerty Editor
Minas Samatas Editor

Radical Democracy

David Trend Editor

Political Thought and...

Moshe Gammer Editor

Affirmative Action, Hate...

Benjamin Baez Author

Federalism and European Union

Michael Burgess Author

Political Marketing in the...

Jennifer Lees-Marshment Editor
Brian Conley Editor

States and Sovereignty in the...

David A. Smith Editor
Dorothy J. Solinger Editor

11 September 2001

Bulent Gokay Editor
R.B.J. Walker Editor

Russia and the World Economy

Alan H Smith Author
Alan Smith Author

Informal Reckonings

Andrew Woolford Author
R.S. Ratner Author

The Routledge Guide to...

Chris Cook Editor

Across the Taiwan Strait

Suisheng Zhao Editor

Chronologies of Modern Terrorism

Barry Rubin Author
Judith Colp Rubin Author

England and Russia

J. Hamel Author

The Identity of the...

Michel Rosenfeld Author

International Trade and...

Dev Nathan Author
D Narasimha Reddy Author

Parties, Conflicts and...

Moshe Maor Author

Humane Warfare

Christopher Coker Author

Confucian China and its...

Joseph R. Levenson Author

Italy Today

Andrea Mammone Editor
Giuseppe A. Veltri Editor

Turkey in Europe

Charles Eliot Author

Britain, Nasser and the...

Robert McNamara Author

Financing European Local...

Richard Batley Editor
John Gibson Editor

The Guy Liddell Diaries,...

Nigel West Author

The Politics of Maritime Power

Andrew T. H . Tan Editor

Women and the State

Shirin M. Rai Editor
Geraldine Lievesley Editor

Within the Four Seas

Joseph Needham Author

Trumping Ethical Norms

L. Sandy Maisel Editor
Hannah E. Dineen Editor

The Rise of the Norwegian...

Hilmar Rommetvedt Author

Migration Theory

Caroline B. Brettell Editor
James F. Hollifield Editor

Rethinking Capitalist...

Kalyan Sanyal Author

Fragile Frontiers

Saroj Kumar Rath Author

The Chosen City

Nicholas Schoon Author

Presidential Policies and the...

John Davis Editor

The State of European...

Yannis A. Stivachtis Editor

Growth Management and Public...

Christopher Coutts Author
Timothy S. Chapin Editor