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Music, Modern Culture, and...

Nicholas Attfield Author
Ben Winters Author

Teaching the Beatles

Paul O Jenkins Editor
Hugh Jenkins Editor

Paul Bekker's Musical Ethics

Nanette Nielsen Author

Rosa Newmarch and Russian...

PhilipRoss Bullock Author

Nicolas Medtner

Barrie Martyn Author

Infant Musicality

Johannella Tafuri Author

The Voice of the Blues

Jim O'Neal Author
Amy van Singel Author

Jerry Herman

Jerry Herman Author
Ken Bloom Author

Music and Traditions of the...

Lisa Urkevich Author

Experiencing Jazz

Richard J. Lawn Author

Encyclopedia of American...

W. K. McNeil Editor

Music in Television

James Deaville Editor

Making Music with Sounds

Leigh Landy Author

Pierre Boulez and the Piano

Peter O'Hagan Author

The Szymanowski Companion

Stephen Downes Author
Paul Cadrin Editor

Thomas Tallis

John Harley Author

Sonic Art

Adrian Moore Author

Gender and Song in Early...

Leslie C. Dunn Author
Katherine R. Larson Author


Tia DeNora Author

Records of English Court Music

Andrew Ashbee Editor

Living Electronic Music

Simon Emmerson Author

Music in Epic Film

Stephen C. Meyer Editor

Songwriters of the American...

Nathan Hurwitz Author

Minor Ballet Composers

William E Studwell Author
Bruce R Schueneman Author

Valuing Musical Participation

Stephanie Pitts Author

Music and Transcendence

Férdia J. Stone-Davis Author

Grainger the Modernist

Suzanne Robinson Author
Kay Dreyfus Author

Singing the Body Electric

Miriama Young Author

Editing Music in Early Modern...

SusanLewis Hammond Author

Music after Hitler, 1945-1955

Toby Thacker Author

György Ligeti's Cultural...

Amy Bauer Editor
Márton Kerékfy Editor

The English Traditional Ballad

David Atkinson Author

Performing Nostalgia

Eckehard Pistrick Author

Mabel Daniels

Maryann McCabe Author

The Bassanos

Roger Prior Author

Touraj Kiaras and Persian...

Owen Wright Author

Professional Music-making in...

Stephen Cottrell Author

The Musical Life of...

Roy Johnston Author

Irony, Satire, Parody and the...

Esti Sheinberg Author

Pieces of the Musical World

Rachel Harris Author
Rowan Pease Author

Louis Andriessen

Robert Adlington Author

Representing African Music

Kofi Agawu Author

The Teaching of Instrumental...

Richard Colwell Author
Michael Hewitt Author

The Legacy of Cornelius Cardew

Tony Harris Author

Musicological Identities

Jacqueline Warwick Author

Warrior, Courtier, Singer

Richard Wistreich Author