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Encyclopedia of US Labor and...

Eric Arnesen Editor

75 Ways to Liven Up Your...

Martin Orridge Author

Global Sourcebook of Address...

Graham Rhind Author

Theories of Practice in Tourism

Laura James Editor
Carina Ren Editor

The Shape of Change

Nicola Busby Author

The Globalization of Merchant...

Manuel Llorca-Ja�a Author

Health Insurance Reforms in Asia

Sabrina Ching Yuen Luk Author

The Rise and Fall of...

Douglas M. Eichar Author

Thorstein Veblen

Henry Jorgensen Author

A Worker's Economist

John Dennis Chasse Author

Controlling Soviet Labour

Arnot Author

Women, Microfinance and the...

K. Kalpana Author

Law and Economics in India

Bimal N. Patel Editor
Ranita Nagar Editor

The Future of the...

Omar F. Hamouda Author
Robin Rowley Author

China and the Asian Economies

Dilip K. Das Author

Social Marketing

Walter W. Wymer Jr Author
Debra Basil Author

Ecology and Power

Alf Hornborg Editor
Brett Clark Editor

An Introduction to the Green...

Adrian C. Newton Author
Elena Cantarello Author

Occupy Management

Monika Kostera Author

Keynes and Modern Economics

Ryuzo Kuroki Editor

Cultural Psychology

Durairaj Maheswaran Editor
Sharon Shavitt Editor

Developing High Performance...

Philip Robert Harris Author

How to Write a Marketing Plan...

William Winston Author

Handbook of Hospitality Human...

Dana V Tesone Editor

Advertising and the World...

David W. Schumann Editor
Esther Thorson Editor

An Introduction to Applied...

Tenko Raykov Author
George A. Marcoulides Author

The Standard of Living and...

Boris Mironov Author
Gregory Freeze Editor

Battlefield Tourism

Chris Ryan Editor

Sports on Television

Dennis Deninger Author

Investor Oriented Corporate...

Jane Thostrup Jagd Author

Made in Korea

Richard M. Steers Author

Handbook of Product Placement...

Mary-Lou Galician Author

Organizational Survival in...

Alex Bennet Author
David Bennet Author

Cross-Cultural Management

Jean-François Chanlat Editor
Eduardo Davel Editor

History of the Anti-corn Law...

Archibald Prentice Author

Economics of Crime and...

Anthony M. Yezer Author

Chronologies of Modern Terrorism

Barry Rubin Author
Judith Colp Rubin Author

Japan and China

Erdener Kaynak Author
Kazuo. J Fukuda Author

Valuing Ecosystem Services

Stavros Georgiou Author
R. Kerry Turner Author


William Winston Author
Paul A Sommers Author

International Trade and...

Dev Nathan Author
D Narasimha Reddy Author

Evaluating Environment in...

Juha Uitto Editor

Investing in Water for a...

Mike Young Editor
Christine Esau Editor

Keynes, Sraffa, and the...

Neri Salvadori Editor
Christian Gehrke Editor

Social Costs Today

Wolfram Elsner Editor
Pietro Frigato Editor

Managing Smart

Lynne Milgram, M.D., MBA Author
Alan Spector, Ph.D., M.D. Author

Handbook of Forest Resource...

Shashi Kant Editor
Janaki Alavalapati Editor

Britain's Competitiveness

Dr Christopher Carr Author