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Encyclopedia of US Labor and...

Eric Arnesen Editor

A Political Chronology of the...

Europa Publications Author

A Dictionary of the European...

Lee McGowan Author
David Phinnemore Author

Dutch Art

Sheila D. Muller Editor

The Effective Academic

Heather Fry Editor
Steve Ketteridge Editor

Handbook of Africa's...

Tim Murithi Editor

The Politics of Fair Trade

Meera Warrier Editor

The Mirror

Sabine Melchoir-Bonnet Author

Encyclopedia of American...

W. K. McNeil Editor

Fitzroy Dearborn Book of...

George Thomas Kurian Editor

Compendium of the World's...

George L. Campbell Author
Gareth King Author

Encyclopedia of Primary...

Denis Hayes Author

Encyclopedia of Nonlinear...

Alwyn Scott Editor

Confucian China and its...

Joseph R. Levenson Author

Historical Dictionary of the...

Hans J. Hillerbrand Editor

The Politics of Climate Change

Maxwell T. Boykoff Editor

The Territories of the People...

Europa Publications Author

The Politics of Maritime Power

Andrew T. H . Tan Editor

Routledge German Dictionary...

Hans Junge Dieter Editor

Within the Four Seas

Joseph Needham Author

Dictionary of Islamic...

Andrew Petersen Author

The Hutchinson Atlas of World...

Stephen Badsey Editor

Health and Safety Pocket Book

Garry Hunt Author

How to Succeed in Cyberspace

Colin Haynes Author

The Territories of the...

Europa Publications Editor

A Dictionary of International...

Patrick Holden Author

The Wehrmacht

Tim Ripley Author

A Handbook for Learning...

Glenys Fox Author

Key Issues in Bioethics

Ralph Levinson Editor
Michael Reiss Editor

Handbook of Technological...

Mary C. Herring Editor
Matthew J. Koehler Editor

Deforming American Political...

Michael J. Shapiro Author

The Case Writing Workbook

Gina Vega Author

The Secret History of the...

Arthur Waley Author

A Social History of English...

Eric David Mackerness Author

An Imperial War and the...

Richard Price Author

China's Regional Development

David S. G. Goodman Editor


Hans J Schnoll Author

Heavens Below

W.H.G. Armytage Author

Here for Good

Terry Mazany Author
David C. Perry Author


Dr Martin Garrett Editor
Martin Garrett Editor

Andrew Marvell

Andrew Marvell Author
Robert Wilcher Editor

Reference Librarianship

Peter Sprenkle Author
Charles R Anderson Author

Understanding Photobooks

Jorg Colberg Author

Spinoza-Arg Philosophers

R.J. Delahunty Author

Peirce-Arg Philosophers

Christopher Hookway Author

Doing Children's Geographies

Lorraine van Blerk Editor
Mike Kesby Editor

Ayer-Arg Philosophers

John Foster Author

Bentham-Arg Philosophers

Ross Harrison Author