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The Subversive Poetics of...

Marieke Dubbelboer Author

The Last Days of Humanism

Alfonso Rey Author

Unbinding Medea

Heike Bartel Author

The Syllables of Time

Teresa Whitington Author

Decolonizing Modernism

JoseLuis Venegas Author

En Activo

Esther Santamaria Iglesias Author
Helen Jones Author

Communication Yearbook 23

Michael Roloff Editor


Yuliya Baldwin Author

Trask's Historical Linguistics

Robert McColl Millar Author
Larry Trask Author

Compendium of the World's...

George L. Campbell Author
Gareth King Author

African American Women in the...

Marian Meyers Author

Contemporary Editing

Cecilia Friend Author
Don Challenger Author

Reclaiming Reading

Richard J. Meyer Editor
Kathryn F. Whitmore Editor

Communication Yearbook 27

Pamela J. Kalbfleisch Editor

Sociolinguistics and Second...

Kimberly L. Geeslin Author
Avizia Yim Long Author

The Journalist's Guide to...

John T. Nockleby Editor

Style and Narrative in...

Hiroko Cockerill Author

Framing Languages and Literacies

Margaret R. Hawkins Editor

On African-American Rhetoric

Keith Gilyard Author
Adam J. Banks Author

Writing Hollywood

Patricia F. Phalen Author

Colloquial Romanian

Ramona Gönczöl Author
Dennis Deletant Author

Communicating Interpersonal...

Jennifer A. Samp Editor

Interpersonal Communication

Shelley D. Lane Author

Nonverbal Messages Tell More

Teri Kwal Gamble Author
Michael Gamble Author

Speed up your Korean

Lucien Brown Author
Jaehoon Yeon Author

Teaching Comics Through...

Crag Hill Editor

Communication Science Theory...

Marina Krcmar Author
David R. Ewoldsen Author

A Vos Marques!

Alison Andrews Author
Brigette Edelston Author

Linking Families, Learning,...

Bobbie Kabuto Editor
Prisca Martens Editor

Routledge Encyclopedia of...

Michael Byram Editor

Bilingual Health Communication

Elaine Hsieh Author

Communication Research...

Gary Pettey Author
Cheryl Campanella Bracken Author

Broadcast News Writing,...

Frank Barnas Author

Organization as Communication

Steffen Blaschke Editor
Dennis Schoeneborn Editor

Rethinking the Concept of the...

Shun-Liang Chao Author

Regarding Manneken Pis

Catherine Emerson Author

Goethe's Poetry and the...

Regina Sachers Author

Cinema and Contact

Laura McMahon Author

Desire in Dante and the...

Manuele Gragnolati Author


Hannah Thompson Author

Urban Space, Identity and...

MariteUsozdela Fuente Author

Dostoevsky and the Epileptic...

Paul Fung Author

Algernon Swinburne and Walter...

SarahGlendon Lyons Author

Rome Eternal

Guy Lanoue Author

Sublime Worlds

Emma Gilby Author

Dante in Oxford

Tristan Kay Author

Aprender a aprender en la era...

Esperanza Román-Mendoza Author

Perform Suzhou

Xiaobin Jian Author
Jianfen Wang Author