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The 30-Day Money Cleanse

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley Author
Teri Schnaubelt Narrator

101 Essays That Will Change...

Brianna Wiest Author
Abby Craden Narrator

Life After Google

George Gilder Author
Eric Michael Summerer Narrator

Thriving with Social Anxiety

Hattie C. Cooper Author
Amy Melissa Bentley Narrator

Seven Steps to Managing Your...

Andrew E. Budson, MD Author
Maureen K. O'Connor, PsyD Author

The Korean War

Bruce Cumings Author
David de Vries Narrator

A Brief History of Everyone...

Adam Rutherford Author
Adam Rutherford Narrator

Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Paulo Freire Author
Dennis Kleinman Narrator

Complex PTSD

Pete Walker Author
Paul Brion Narrator

The Elephant in the Brain

Kevin Simler Author
Robin Hanson Author

Mary Queen of Scots

John Guy Author
Lucy Rayner Narrator

A Murder in Music City

Michael Bishop Author
Corey M. Snow Narrator


Brooke McAlary Author
Larissa Gallagher Narrator

Gathering Moss

Robin Wall Kimmerer Author
Robin Wall Kimmerer Narrator

Call Them by Their True Names

Rebecca Solnit Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

Running on Empty No More

Jonice Webb, Ph.D Author
Jonice Webb Narrator

Running in Circles

Eva Yin Author
Sarah Mollo-Christensen Narrator


Sarah Harper Author
Samantha Desz Narrator

Anatomy of Victory

John D. Caldwell Author
Chris Sorensen Narrator

Among the Scientologists

Donald A. Westbrook Author
Paul Boehmer Narrator

The Cloudbuster Nine

Anne R. Keene Author
Anne R. Keene Narrator

Can I Kiss Her Yet?

Tony James Slater Author
Tim Campbell Narrator


Jan T. Gross Author
Rory Barnett Narrator

Don't Need the Whole Dog!

Tony James Slater Author
Tim Campbell Narrator

The Supremes' Greatest Hits,...

Michael G. Trachtman Author
Jonathan Yen Narrator

The Entrepreneurial Muse

Jeffrey Nytch Author
Stephen Bel Davies Narrator

Blackthorn's Botanical Magic

Amy Blackthorn Author
Romy Nordlinger Narrator

Left to the Mercy of a Rude...

Stanley A. Goldman Author
Stanley A. Goldman Narrator


Jim "Doc" Purtell Author
Eric Jason Martin Narrator

Teaching With Poverty in Mind

Eric Jensen Author
Basil Sands Narrator

Just Giving

Rob Reich Author
Matthew Josdal Narrator

Heal and Move On

Andrew G. Marshall Author
Catherine Grace Narrator

A Message of Hope from the...

Lorna Byrne Author
Amy Alan Narrator

Churchill, Roosevelt & Company

Lewis E. Lehrman Author
Paul Woodson Narrator

Point Made

Ross Guberman Author
Eric Jason Martin Narrator


Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Author
Laural Merlington Narrator

101 Answers for New Teachers...

Annette Breaux Author
Lisa Flanagan Narrator


Daniel Tudor Author
James Cameron Stewart Narrator

A Slap in the Face

William B. Irvine Author
Johnny Heller Narrator

Bipolar Disorder

Francis Mark Mondimore, MD Author
Barry Abrams Narrator

Guns across America

Robert Spitzer Author
Walter Dixon Narrator

Siren Song

Seymour Stein Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

Arrest-Proof Yourself

Dale C. Carson Author
Wes Denham Author

The Natural World of...

Kathryn Aalto Author
Corrie James Narrator

Policing Saigon

Loren W. Christensen Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

The Science of Marijuana

Leslie L. Iverson Author
Shaun Grindell Narrator

Inside the Clinton White House

Russell L. Riley Author
David Drummond Narrator

A History of France

John Julius Norwich Author
John Julius Norwich Narrator