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Leah A. Plunkett Author
Kim Niemi Narrator

21st Century Parenting

Rick Capaldi, MFT, PhD Author
Edward Bauer Narrator

The Everyday Parenting Toolkit

Alan E. Kazdin Author
Barry Abrams Narrator

What to Do When He Says, I...

David Clarke, PhD Author
Kyle Tait Narrator

You Throw Like a Girl

Don McPherson Author
Leon Nixon Narrator

The Gift of Sex

Clifford Penner Author
Joyce Penner Author

Sex, Teens, and Everything in...

Shafia Zaloom Author
Nancy Wu Narrator

Empty Arms

Pam Vredevelt Author
Coleen Marlo Narrator

Positive Discipline for...

Jane Nelsen, EDD Author
Cheryl Erwin, MA Author

The Big Book of the Dead

Marion Winik Author
Marion Winik Narrator

Baby-Led Weaning, Completely...

Gill Rapley, PhD Author
Tracey Murkett Author

Dating Essentials for Men

Dr. Robert Glover Author
Robert Glover Narrator

The Family Next Door

John Glatt Author
Shaun Grindell Narrator

The Tantrum Survival Guide

Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, PhD Author
Rebecca Schrag Hershberg, PhD Narrator

Raising Passionate Jesus...

Phil Comer Author
Diane Comer Author

Surviving Parental Alienation

Amy J.L. Baker, PhD Author
Paul R. Fine, LCSW Author

Anger Management for Dummies

Charles H. Elliott Author
Laura L. Smith, PhD Author

Codependency for Dummies

Darlene Lancer Author
Courtney Patterson Narrator

When the Brain Can't Hear

Teri James Bellis, PhD Author
Virginia Wolf Narrator

Frozen Dinners

Elaine Ambrose Author
Elaine Ambrose Narrator

Self-Regulation Interventions...

Teresa Garland Author
Laura Copland Narrator