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Understanding China's...

Klaus Heinrich Raditio Author

The Market Economy as a...

Hiroto Tsukada Author

Guns & Roses

Steven Ratuva Editor
Radomir Compel Editor

Modernization Through...

Bo Kong Author

Nexus of Resilience and...

Mika Shimizu Author
Allen L. Clark Author

Social Democracy and the...

Carol Johnson Author

Contemporary Capitalism and...

Evolutionary Economics and Social Complexity Science (Series)

Toshio Yamada Author

China's Selective Identities

Global Political Transitions (Series)

Dominik Mierzejewski Author
Bartosz Kowalski Author

Australia and Africa

Africa's Global Engagement: Perspectives from Emerging Countries (Series)

Nikola Pijović Author

Illiberal China

China in Transformation (Series)

Daniel F. Vukovich Author

Japan and Asia's Contested Order

Asia Today (Series)

Yul Sohn Editor
T. J. Pempel Editor

The Rise of International...

Critical Studies of the Asia-Pacific (Series)

Faris Al-fadhat Author

Online Urbanization

Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements (Series)

Li Zi Author

Economic Policy in a...

SpringerBriefs in Economics (Series)

Yoginder Kumar Alagh Author

China as a Global Clean...

Palgrave in Asia and Pacific Studies (Series)

Philip Andrews-Speed Author
Sufang Zhang Author

A New Era

Dexu He Editor
Chaoyang Wang Editor

Communicating for Social Change

Mohan Jyoti Dutta Editor
Dazzelyn Baltazar Zapata Editor

New Opposition in the Middle...

Dara Conduit Editor
Shahram Akbarzadeh Editor

The Vortex of Power

Airlangga Pribadi Kusman Author

Reclaiming Africa

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

Sam Moyo Editor
Praveen Jha Editor

BRICS Innovative...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Xinli Zhao Editor
Minrong Li Editor

Cultural Rights and Justice

John Clammer Author

Re-understanding of...

Leizhen Zang Author

The Indian Metamorphosis

Arup Maharatna Author

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Jianxing Yu Editor
Sujian Guo Editor

Public Service Excellence in...

Alikhan Baimenov Editor
Panos Liverakos Editor

Smart Economy in Smart...

Advances in 21st Century Human Settlements (Series)

Gora Mboup Editor
Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka Editor

China's Provincial Economic...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Jianping Li Author
Minrong Li Author

Conscience in Action

Jeon Seung-hee Translator
Lee Hee-ho Author of introduction, etc.

Reimagining the Future Public...

SpringerBriefs in Political Science (Series)

Helen Dickinson Editor
Catherine Needham Editor

Power, Interests, and...

Xiaochuan Sang Author

The Limits of Authoritarian...

Lily Zubaidah Rahim Editor
Michael D. Barr Editor

Making the Tunisian Resurgence

Mahmoud Sami Nabi Author

Terrorism, Radicalisation &...

Shashi Jayakumar Editor

Empowering Citizens, Engaging...

Rainer Eisfeld Author

Intergenerational Wellbeing...

Girol Karacaoglu Author
Jacek B. Krawczyk Author

Introduction to Comparative...

Dezhi Tong Author

Innovative Approaches in...

Agent-Based Social Systems (Series)

Setsuya Kurahashi Editor
Hiroshi Takahashi Editor

India–Bangladesh Border Disputes

South Asia Economic and Policy Studies (Series)

Amit Ranjan Author

Cutting the Distance

SpringerBriefs in Economics (Series)

Nobuaki Hamaguchi Author
Jie Guo Author

The Development of...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Ping Du Editor
Shiyang Yu Editor

Peaceful Development Path in...

China Insights (Series)

Yuyan Zhang Author
Weijiang Feng Author

Changing Spatial Elements in...

Springer Geography (Series)

Lei Wang Author

Persian Gulf 2018

Persian Gulf (Series)

P. R. Kumaraswamy Author
Md. Muddassir Quamar Author

Isaiah Berlin's Cold War...

Asan-Palgrave Macmillan (Series)

Jan-Werner Müller Editor

A Comprehensive Evaluation on...

Research on the Chinese Dream and China's Development Path (Series)

Book 2009

Lan Xue Author
Guang Zeng Author