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Carbon Allotropes

Boris Ildusovich Kharisov Author
Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova Author

Cooperative Control of...

Communications and Control Engineering (Series)

Yongduan Song Author
Yujuan Wang Author

Materials Design and...

Advanced Structured Materials (Series)

Lucas F. M. da Silva Editor

Advances in Manufacturing...

Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Sergej Hloch Editor
Dagmar Klichová Editor

The Role of Exergy in Energy...

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Sandro Nižetić Editor
Agis Papadopoulos Editor

The Role of Public Sector in...

EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing (Series)

Maroš Finka Editor
Matej Jaššo Editor

Topological Matter

Springer in Solid-State Sciences (Series)

Book 2017

Dario Bercioux Editor
Jérôme Cayssol Editor

Advanced Image and Video...

Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies (Series)

Shengrong Gong Author
Chunping Liu Author

Intelligent Computing

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Book 2

Kohei Arai Editor
Supriya Kapoor Editor

Quality of Spatial Data in...

Studies in Systems, Decision and Control (Series)

Václav Talhofer Author
ŠáRka Hošková-mayerová Author

Fleets Go Green

Sustainable Production, Life Cycle Engineering and Management (Series)

Christoph Herrmann Editor
Mark Stephan Mennenga Editor

Innovation, Engineering and...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

José Machado Editor
Filomena Soares Editor

A Mathematical Modeling...

Nonlinear Systems and Complexity (Series)

Elbert E. N. Macau Editor

Opinion Dynamics and the...

Springer Theses (Series)

Mengbin Ye Author

Proceedings of the 10th...

Mechanisms and Machine Science (Series)

Book 3

Katia Lucchesi Cavalca Editor
Hans Ingo Weber Editor

Applied Physics, System...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

Klimis Ntalianis Editor
Anca Croitoru Editor

Multi-run Memory Tests for...

Ireneusz Mrozek Author

X-ray Free Electron Lasers

Sébastien Boutet Editor
Petra Fromme Editor

Fundamentals of Spherical...

Springer Topics in Signal Processing (Series)

Boaz Rafaely Author

Integrating Wind Energy to...

Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri Author

Road Vehicle Automation 5

Lecture Notes in Mobility (Series)

Gereon Meyer Editor
Sven Beiker Editor

Early Exploration of the Moon

Springer Praxis (Series)

Tom Lund Author

Directions of Development of...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Elżbieta Macioszek Editor
Grzegorz Sierpiński Editor

Cloud Computing for...

Studies in Big Data (Series)

Himansu Das Editor
Rabindra K. Barik Editor

Graphic Imprints

Carlos L. Marcos Editor

Advances in Internet, Data...

Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies (Series)

Leonard Barolli Editor
Fatos Xhafa Editor

Sustainable Rail Transport

Lecture Notes in Mobility (Series)

Book 2017

Anna Fraszczyk Editor
Marin Marinov Editor

Integrated Evaluation for the...

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Book 2016

Giulio Mondini Editor
Enrico Fattinnanzi Editor

Altered Policy Landscapes

Robert E. Forbis Jr. Author

Electro-discharge Technology...

V. Ya. Ushakov Author
V. F. Vajov Author

Friction Stir Welding and...

The Minerals, Metals & Materials (Series)

Yuri Hovanski Editor
Rajiv Mishra Editor

Text Mining

Studies in Big Data (Series)

Taeho Jo Author

Industrial Engineering in the...

Lecture Notes in Management and Industrial Engineering (Series)

Fethi Calisir Editor
Emre Cevikcan Editor

Introduction to Simple Shock...

Shock Wave and High Pressure Phenomena (Series)

Seán Prunty Author

Advances in Smart Vehicular...

Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies (Series)

Book 2

Yong Zhao Editor
Tsu-yang Wu Editor

Reliable, Secure and...

Lech Bukowski Author

Technical System Maintenance

Springer in Reliability Engineering (Series)

Sylwia Werbińska-wojciechowska Author

Indigenous Forest Management...

Kavita Arora Author

Advances in Plant Breeding...

Jameel Al-khayri Editor
Shri Mohan Jain Editor

Calculus with Curvilinear...

Markus Antoni Author

Wearable Robotics

Biosystems & Biorobotics (Series)

Maria Chiara Carrozza Editor
Silvestro Micera Editor

Level Doubling Network and...

Springer Theses (Series)

Manel Hammami Author

A Beginners' Guide to...

Anwar Ul-Hamid Author

Recent Advancements in...

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Andrea Frazzica Editor
Luisa F. Cabeza Editor

Scalar Wave Driven Energy...

Bahman Zohuri Author

Digital Subsampling Phase...

Analog Circuits and Signal Processing (Series)

Nereo Markulic Author
Kuba Raczkowski Author

Landside Accessibility of...

Milan Janić Author