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Early Exploration of the Moon

Springer Praxis (Series)

Tom Lund Author

An Introduction to Data

Studies in Big Data (Series)

Francesco Corea Author

Environmental Monitoring at a...

Kairat Kuterbekov Author

Digital Subsampling Phase...

Analog Circuits and Signal Processing (Series)

Nereo Markulic Author
Kuba Raczkowski Author


Energy, Climate and the Environment (Series)

Lance Noel Author
Gerardo Zarazua De Rubens Author

Smart Cities of Today and...

Joseph N. Pelton Author
Indu B. Singh Author

The Science of Baseball

A. Terry Bahill Author

Internet of Things for Smart...

SpringerBriefs in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Series)

Waleed Ejaz Author
Alagan Anpalagan Author

Digital Transformation of the...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Svetlana Ashmarina Editor
Anabela Mesquita Editor

Color in Electronic Display...

in Display Science and Technology (Series)

Michael E. Miller Author

Advances in Solid Biofuels

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Elias Christoforou Author
Paris A Fokaides Author

Social Internet of Things

Internet of Things (Series)

Alessandro Soro Editor
Margot Brereton Editor

High-Voltage Test and...

Wolfgang Hauschild Author
Eberhard Lemke Author

War in Space

Springer Praxis (Series)

Linda Dawson Author

Power Systems Resilience

Power Systems (Series)

Naser Mahdavi Tabatabaei Editor
Sajad Najafi Ravadanegh Editor

Smart Grid Control

Power Electronics and Power Systems (Series)

Jakob Stoustrup Editor
Anuradha Annaswamy Editor

AI in Cybersecurity

Intelligent Systems Reference Library (Series)

Leslie F. Sikos Editor

Security and Fault Tolerance...

Internet of Things (Series)

Rajat Subhra Chakraborty Editor
Jimson Mathew Editor

Modeling and Optimization of...

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

Sumit Bhowmik Author
Jagadish Author

Multi-Stage and Multi-Time...

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Verica Radisavljević-gajić Author
Miloš Milanović Author

The Robot and Us

Biosystems & Biorobotics (Series)

Maria Chiara Carrozza Author

Additive Manufacturing –...

Eujin Pei Editor
Mario Monzón Editor

Preparing for the Next Cyber...

Joseph N. Pelton Author

New Ways and Needs for...

Didier Sornette Author
Wolfgang Kröger Author

The Energy Mix for Sustaining...

Springer Proceedings in Energy (Series)

Book 2018

Ahmad Vasel Editor
David S.-k. Ting Editor

Structural Performance of...

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

J. M. P. Q. Delgado Author
Ana Sofia Guimarães Author

IoT for Smart Grids

Power Systems (Series)

Kostas Siozios Editor
Dimitrios Anagnostos Editor

Operations, Logistics and...

Lecture Notes in Logistics (Series)

Henk Zijm Editor
Matthias Klumpp Editor

Yearbook on Space Policy 2017

Yearbook on Space Policy (Series)

Edward Burger Author
Giulia Bordacchini Author

Robot Rules

Jacob Turner Author