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Testing Novel Water Oxidation...

PoliTO Springer (Series)

Carminna Ottone Author
Simelys Hernández Author

Simulation for Industry 4.0

Springer in Advanced Manufacturing (Series)

Murat M. Gunal Editor

Concrete Construction

Akhtar Surahyo Author


Energy, Climate and the Environment (Series)

Lance Noel Author
Gerardo Zarazua De Rubens Author

Digital Subsampling Phase...

Analog Circuits and Signal Processing (Series)

Nereo Markulic Author
Kuba Raczkowski Author

Industry 4.0 and Engineering...

Mohammad Dastbaz Editor
Peter Cochrane Editor

Intelligent Systems Design...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Book 1

Ajith Abraham Editor
Aswani Kumar Cherukuri Editor

Novel Aspects of Diamond

Topics in Applied Physics (Series)

Nianjun Yang Editor

Early Exploration of the Moon

Springer Praxis (Series)

Tom Lund Author

Space 2.0

Springer Praxis (Series)

Joseph N. Pelton Author

Occupational and...

Studies in Systems, Decision and Control (Series)

Pedro M. Arezes Editor
João S. Baptista Editor

Strategic Supply Chain...

EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing (Series)

Syed Abdul Rehman Khan Author
Zhang Yu Author

Internet of Things Security...

Internet of Things (Series)

Sébastien Ziegler Editor

Electrical Design of a 400 kV...

Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering (Series)

Tohid Jahangiri Author
Qian Wang Author

Digital Transformation of the...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Svetlana Ashmarina Editor
Anabela Mesquita Editor

Color in Electronic Display...

in Display Science and Technology (Series)

Michael E. Miller Author

Sustainable Aviation

T. Hikmet Karakoc Editor
C. Ozgur Colpan Editor

Food Traceability

Food Microbiology and Food Safety (Series)

Jennifer Mcentire Editor
Andrew W. Kennedy Editor

Management Science

Management and Industrial Engineering (Series)

Carolina Machado Editor
J. Paulo Davim Editor

Metal Soaps in Art

Cultural Heritage Science (Series)

Francesca Casadio Editor
Katrien Keune Editor

War in Space

Springer Praxis (Series)

Linda Dawson Author

Transactional Lean

Bruno G. Rüttimann Author

Quality Confirmation Tests...

Behrooz Vahidi Author
Ashkan Teymouri Author

Future Foods

David Julian McClements Author

Multi-Stage and Multi-Time...

Mechanical Engineering (Series)

Verica Radisavljević-gajić Author
Miloš Milanović Author

Preparing for the Next Cyber...

Joseph N. Pelton Author

Polypropylene Handbook

József Karger-kocsis Editor
Tamás Bárány Editor

Design Education Today

Dirk Schaefer Editor
Graham Coates Editor

Reliability of Power Systems

Power Systems (Series)

G.f. Kovalev Author
L.m. Lebedeva Author

Security and Fault Tolerance...

Internet of Things (Series)

Rajat Subhra Chakraborty Editor
Jimson Mathew Editor

The Energy Mix for Sustaining...

Springer Proceedings in Energy (Series)

Book 2018

Ahmad Vasel Editor
David S.-k. Ting Editor

Yearbook on Space Policy 2017

Yearbook on Space Policy (Series)

Edward Burger Author
Giulia Bordacchini Author

Enabling Mobilities

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

Paola Pucci Author
giovanni Vecchio Author

Modern Music-Inspired...

Power Systems (Series)

Mohammad Kiani-moghaddam Author
Mojtaba Shivaie Author

Women Securing the Future...

Women in Engineering and Science (Series)

Florence D. Hudson Editor