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IAEG/AEG Annual Meeting...

Abdul Shakoor Editor
Kerry Cato Editor

Origin and Evolution of...

Pierre Pontarotti Editor

Lung Stem Cell Behavior

Ahmed El-Hashash Author

IAEG/AEG Annual Meeting...

Abdul Shakoor Editor
Kerry Cato Editor

Hydrogen Energy

Bahman Zohuri Author

Climate Change Risks in Brazil

Carlos A. Nobre Editor
Jose A. Marengo Editor

Digital Technology for...

Matthew R. Bennett Author
Marcin Budka Author

Climate Change and...

Syed Sheraz Mahdi Editor

Proceedings of the 27th...

Eleonora Widzyk-capehart Editor
Asieh Hekmat Editor

Cosmology and String Theory

Fundamental Theories of Physics (Series)

Horaţiu Năstase Author

Non-Equilibrium Dynamics...

Springer Theses (Series)

Bernhard Rauer Author

Advances in Heart Valve...

Michael S. Sacks Editor
Jun Liao Editor

Microscopy of the Heart

Lars Kaestner Editor
Peter Lipp Editor

Anthropogenic Aquifer Recharge

Springer Hydrogeology (Series)

Book 5

Robert G. Maliva Author

Recent Advancement in White...

Fungal Biology (Series)

Ajar Nath Yadav Editor
Shashank Mishra Editor

The Conifers

David B. Neale Author
Nicholas C. Wheeler Author

Granular Gaseous Flows

Soft and Biological Matter (Series)

Vicente Garzó Author

Nanophotocatalysis and...

Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World (Series)

Inamuddin Editor
Mohd Imran Ahamed Editor

Pharmaceuticals from Microbes

Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World (Series)

Divya Arora Editor
Chetan Sharma Editor

Computational Approaches for...

Challenges and Advances in Computational Chemistry and Physics (Series)

Nir Goldman Editor

Geology of Coal Deposits of...

SpringerBriefs in Earth Sciences (Series)

J.h.l. Voncken Author

Essentials of Bioinformatics,...

Noor Ahmad Shaik Editor
Khalid Rehman Hakeem Editor

Food Safety in Poultry Meat...

Food Microbiology and Food Safety (Series)

Kumar Venkitanarayanan Editor
Siddhartha Thakur Editor

The International...

johannes Andersen Author
David Baneke Author

Plant and Human Health, Volume 2

Munir Ozturk Editor
Khalid Rehman Hakeem Editor

Brown Adipose Tissue

Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology (Series)

Alexander Pfeifer Editor
Martin Klingenspor Editor

The Structure and Function of...

Advances in Environmental Microbiology (Series)

Christon J. Hurst Editor

Chaperokine Activity of Heat...

Heat Shock Proteins (Series)

Alexzander A. A. Asea Editor
Punit Kaur Editor

A Dynamical Perspective on...

Nonlinear Systems and Complexity (Series)

Panayotis G. Kevrekidis Editor
Jesús Cuevas-Maraver Editor

Human Memory and Material Memory

Christian Lexcellent Author

Plant and Human Health, Volume 1

Munir Ozturk Editor
Khalid Rehman Hakeem Editor

Mechanical Fatigue of Metals

Structural Integrity (Series)

José A.f.o. Correia Editor
Abílio M.p. De Jesus Editor

Predator Recognition in Birds

SpringerBriefs in Animal Sciences (Series)

Roman Fuchs Author
Petr Veselý Author

Fundamentals of Biofuels...

Green Energy and Technology (Series)

Cataldo De Blasio Author

Transport Phenomena in Liquid...

SpringerBriefs in Applied Sciences and Technology (Series)

João M.p.q. Delgado Author
Antonio Gilson Barbosa de Lima Author

Cultural Sustainable Tourism

Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation (Series)

Book 2017

Uglješa Stankov Editor
Sofia-natalia Boemi Editor

Understanding Gaia

Springer Praxis (Series)

Gabriella Bernardi Author
Alberto Vecchiato Author

Leadership for the North

Springer Polar Sciences (Series)

Douglas C. Nord Editor

World-Class Mineral Deposits...

Modern Approaches in Solid Earth Sciences (Series)

Bronislav Gongalsky Author
Nadezhda Krivolutskaya Author

Dynamics On and of Complex...

Springer Proceedings in Complexity (Series)

Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad Editor
Rishiraj Saha Roy Editor

Carbon-Based Nanosensor...

Springer on Chemical Sensors and Biosensors (Series)

Christine Kranz Editor

Agriculture and Ecosystem...

Climate Change Management (Series)

Yazidhi Bamutaze Editor
Samuel Kyamanywa Editor

Nanoscience and Biotechnology...

Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World (Series)

K M Gothandam Editor
Shivendu Ranjan Editor

Protein Folding

SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science (Series)

Cláudio M. Gomes Author
Patrícia F.n. Faísca Author

Cell-Based Therapy for...

Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (Series)

Marco A. Zarbin Editor
Mandeep S. Singh Editor

The Sun Today

Claudio Vita-Finzi Author

Emergence of Temperature in...

SpringerBriefs in Physics (Series)

Tamás Sándor Biró Author
Antal Jakovác Author

Heads, Jaws, and Muscles

Fascinating Life Sciences (Series)

Janine M. Ziermann Editor
Raul E. Diaz Jr Editor