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Global Responses to Conflict...

Amanda Guidero Author
Maia Carter Hallward Author

Social Evolution, Political...

Peter Beattie Author

Designing Social Science...

Oddbjørn Bukve Author

Corruption, Institutions, and...

Hanna Samir Kassab Author
Jonathan D. Rosen Author

The New Terrorism

Stefan Goertz Author
Alexander E. Streitparth Author


Studies of the Americas (Series)

R. Guy Emerson Author

Global Defense Procurement...

Bert Chapman Author

US Environmental Policy in...

Sara R. Rinfret Author
Michelle C. Pautz Author

Regulating Global Security

Nik Hynek Editor
Ondrej Ditrych Editor

The Brazilian Left in the...

Marx, Engels, and Marxisms (Series)

Vladimir Puzone Editor
Luis Felipe Miguel Editor

The Palgrave Handbook of...

The Politics of Intersectionality (Series)

Olena Hankivsky Editor
Julia S. Jordan-Zachery Editor

The Quality of Society

Adolfo Figueroa Author

The Nigerian National Assembly

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

Joseph Yinka Fashagba Editor
Ola-rotimi Matthew Ajayi Editor

Regulating the Rise of China

Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy (Series)

Michael Peters Author

Pacifism's Appeal

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Jorg Kustermans Editor
Tom Sauer Editor

The Italian General Election...

Luigi Ceccarini Editor
James L. Newell Editor

The EU in a Trans-European Space

Serena Giusti Editor
Irina Mirkina Editor

The Changing Shape of Politics

Jonathan Wheatley Author

Time Use and Transfers in the...

B. Piedad Urdinola Editor
Jorge A. Tovar Editor

Michael Oakeshott and Leo...

Recovering Political Philosophy (Series)

David Mcilwain Author

Navigating Social Security...

Danny Pieters Author

Political Encounters

Ruairidh J. Brown Author

Exploring Betty A. Reardon's...

Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice (Series)

Dale T. Snauwaert Editor

Religion and Biopolitics

Mirjam Weiberg-Salzmann Editor
Ulrich Willems Editor

Austerity, Youth Policy and...

Bernard Davies Author

Gun Control Policies in Latin...

International on Public Policy (Series)

Diego Sanjurjo Author

Mass Strikes and Social...

Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy (Series)

Jörg Nowak Author

Global Political Economy

Kavous Ardalan Author

Political Entrepreneurship

Josef Lentsch Author

The Argentinian Dictatorship...

Studies of the Americas (Series)

Juan Grigera Editor
Luciana Zorzoli Editor

Smarter Ballots

Elections, Voting, Technology (Series)

J.s. Maloy Author

Infrastructures for Peace in...

Mediel Hove Editor
Geoff Harris Editor

Expanding Public Employee...

Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy (Series)

James N. Szymalak Author

Risk and the...

Rethinking International Development series

Eamonn Mcconnon Author

Urban and Regional Planning...

The Urban Book (Series)

Ö. Burcu ÖZdemir Sarı Editor
Suna S. ÖZdemir Editor

Power in Deliberative Democracy

Political Philosophy and Public Purpose (Series)

Nicole Curato Author
Marit Hammond Author

Geopolitics of the Outer Space

Contributions to Political Science (Series)

Bohumil Doboš Author

Autocratization in post-Cold...

Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century (Series)

Andrea Cassani Author
Luca Tomini Author

Development and Sustainable...

Contemporary African Political Economy (Series)

Vanessa T. Tang Editor
Timothy M. Shaw Editor

The Responsibility to Protect...

New Security Challenges (Series)

Samuel James Wyatt Author

Nigeria-South Africa...

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

Oluwaseun Tella Editor

British Capitalism After the...

Building a Sustainable Political Economy: SPERI Research & Policy (Series)

Scott Lavery Author


Rethinking University-Community Policy Connections (Series)

Carolyn Kagan Author
John Diamond Author

Gender and Queer Perspectives...

Gender and Politics (Series)

Moira Dustin Editor
Nuno Ferreira Editor

Youthquake 2017

Palgrave Studies in Young People and Politics (Series)

James Sloam Author
Matt Henn Author

The Global Market for...

Politics of Citizenship and Migration (Series)

Jelena Džankić Author

EU Development Policies

International Political Economy (Series)

Sarah L. Beringer Editor
Sylvia Maier Editor

The Politics of Spectacle and...

Palgrave Studies in US Elections (Series)

Heather E. Yates Author