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Global Responses to Conflict...

Amanda Guidero Author
Maia Carter Hallward Author

A Rumor about the Jews

Stephen Eric Bronner Author

Muslim Public Opinion Toward...

Mujtaba Ali Isani Author

Berlusconi 'The Diplomat'

Emidio Diodato Author
Federico Niglia Author

How Does Government Listen to...

Claire Craig Author

Solidarity and the 'Refugee...

Óscar García Agustín Author
Martin Bak Jørgensen Author

Social Evolution, Political...

Peter Beattie Author

Designing Social Science...

Oddbjørn Bukve Author

Corruption, Institutions, and...

Hanna Samir Kassab Author
Jonathan D. Rosen Author

The Politics of International...

Mathias Albert Editor
Anthony F. Lang Jr. Editor

Global Defense Procurement...

Bert Chapman Author

US Environmental Policy in...

Sara R. Rinfret Author
Michelle C. Pautz Author

Child Soldiers and...

Jean Chrysostome K. Kiyala Author

Regulating Global Security

Nik Hynek Editor
Ondrej Ditrych Editor

The Brazilian Left in the...

Marx, Engels, and Marxisms (Series)

Vladimir Puzone Editor
Luis Felipe Miguel Editor

The Palgrave Handbook of...

The Politics of Intersectionality (Series)

Olena Hankivsky Editor
Julia S. Jordan-Zachery Editor

The Quality of Society

Adolfo Figueroa Author

The EU in a Trans-European Space

Serena Giusti Editor
Irina Mirkina Editor

The Changing Shape of Politics

Jonathan Wheatley Author

Neoliberalism in...

Adrian Scribano Editor
Freddy Timmermann Lopez Editor

Navigating Social Security...

Danny Pieters Author

Mapping Migration, Identity,...

Tabea Linhard Editor
Timothy H. Parsons Editor

Austerity, Youth Policy and...

Bernard Davies Author

Civil Protection Cooperation...

European Administrative Governance (Series)

Sten Widmalm Author
Charles F. Parker Author

Global Political Economy

Kavous Ardalan Author

Political Entrepreneurship

Josef Lentsch Author

Societal Security and Crisis...

New Security Challenges (Series)

Per Lægreid Editor
Lise H. Rykkja Editor

Liberal Democracy in Crisis

The Theories, Concepts and Practices of Democracy (Series)

Alen Toplišek Author

Human Rights Prosecutions in...

Human Rights Interventions (Series)

Moira Lynch Author

Presidents versus Federalism...

IDE-JETRO (Series)

Hirokazu Kikuchi Author

Political Symbols and...

Rethinking Peace and Conflict Studies (Series)

Catherine E. Arthur Author

Power in Deliberative Democracy

Political Philosophy and Public Purpose (Series)

Nicole Curato Author
Marit Hammond Author

Expanding Public Employee...

Palgrave Studies in Religion, Politics, and Policy (Series)

James N. Szymalak Author

Risk and the...

Rethinking International Development series

Eamonn Mcconnon Author

The Blind Spots of Public...

Executive Politics and Governance (Series)

Tobias Bach Editor
Kai Wegrich Editor

Urban and Regional Planning...

The Urban Book (Series)

Ö. Burcu ÖZdemir Sarı Editor
Suna S. ÖZdemir Editor

Geopolitics of the Outer Space

Contributions to Political Science (Series)

Bohumil Doboš Author

Eastern Mediterranean Port...

The Urban Book (Series)

Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu Editor
Eyüp Özveren Editor

The British Prime Minister in...

Contributions to Political Science (Series)

Birgit Bujard Author

Perspectives on the...

Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development (Series)

Omololu Fagbadebo Editor
Fayth Ruffin Editor

E-Participation in Smart Cities

Public Administration and Information Technology (Series)

Manuel Pedro Rodríguez Bolívar Author
Laura Alcaide Muñoz Author

Government-Business Relations...

Latin American Political Economy (Series)

Theodore Kahn Author

Development, Governance, and...

Politics and Development of Contemporary China (Series)

Yilin Hou Author

Sustainability and Resilience...

Sustainable Development Goals (Series)

Haris Alibašić Author

The End of the Democratic State

Marx, Engels, and Marxisms (Series)

Jean-numa Ducange Editor
Razmig Keucheyan Editor

Alexander L. George

Pioneers in Arts, Humanities, Science, Engineering, Practice (Series)

Dan Caldwell Editor

Autocratization in post-Cold...

Challenges to Democracy in the 21st Century (Series)

Andrea Cassani Author
Luca Tomini Author

Gender and Queer Perspectives...

Gender and Politics (Series)

Moira Dustin Editor
Nuno Ferreira Editor