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Strategy and Game Theory

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Felix Munoz-garcia Author
Daniel Toro-gonzalez Author

Differential Equations

Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology (Series)

Christian Constanda Author

Guide to Discrete Mathematics

Texts in Computer Science (Series)

Gerard O'Regan Author

Classical Mechanics

Undergraduate Lecture Notes in Physics (Series)

Reinhard Hentschke Author

Introduction to Statistics...

Christian Heumann Author
Michael Schomaker Author

Leadership Today

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Joan Marques Editor
Satinder Dhiman Editor

Cardiovascular Biomechanics

Peter R. Hoskins Editor
Patricia V. Lawford Editor

Statistical Learning from a...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard A. Berk Author

Time Series Econometrics

Springer Texts in Business and Economics (Series)

Klaus Neusser Author

Essentials of Stochastic...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Richard Durrett Author

Introduction to Logic...

Brock J. LaMeres Author

Introduction to Logic...

Brock J. LaMeres Author

Fundamentals of Biomechanics

Nihat Özkaya Author
Dawn Leger Author

Probability with Applications...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Matthew A. Carlton Author
Jay L. Devore Author

Time Series Analysis and Its...

Springer Texts in Statistics (Series)

Robert H. Shumway Author
David S. Stoffer Author

Advances in Intelligent...

Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing (Series)

Zhengbing Hu Editor
Sergey Petoukhov Editor

The Lost Romantics

Norbert Lennartz Editor

The Scandinavian Prison Study

Palgrave Studies in Prisons and Penology (Series)

Stanton Wheeler Author
David J. Armor Editor

Pipeline Spatial Data...

Zhenpei Li Author

Non-Relativistic QED Theory...

SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science (Series)

Akbar Salam Author

Wundt and the Philosophical...

Saulo De Freitas Araujo Author

Number Theory – Diophantine...

Christian Elsholtz Editor
Peter Grabner Editor

The Soils of Spain

World Soils Book (Series)

Juan F. Gallardo Editor

Chemical Epigenetics

Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (Series)

Antonello Mai Editor

Agricultural Policy of the...

Palgrave Studies in Agricultural Economics and Food Policy (Series)

Stephanie A. Mercier Author
Steve A. Halbrook Author

Climate Change Adaptation in...

Climate Change Management (Series)

Walter Leal Filho Editor

The Victorian Ghost Story and...

Zoe Lehmann Imfeld Author

Oil and Gas Exploration in Cuba

SpringerBriefs in Earth System Sciences (Series)

Manuel Enrique Pardo Echarte Author
Jorge Luis Cobiella Reguera Author

Therapeutic Potentials of...

Akhlaq A Farooqui Author

Thermal Engineering Studies...

Valery Ochkov Author
Konstantin Orlov Author


Terrestrial Environmental Sciences (Series)

Olaf Kolditz Editor
Uwe-Jens Görke Editor

Reflected Brownian Motions in...

SpringerBriefs in Mathematical Physics (Series)

Thomas Weiß Author
Patrik Ferrari Author

Jesus' Crucifixion Beatings...

David H. Wenkel Author

Contemporary Challenges of...

Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Series)

Elżbieta Macioszek Editor
Grzegorz Sierpiński Editor

Quality of Life in...

Community Quality-of-Life and Well-Being (Series)

Graciela Tonon Editor

Competence Assessment in...

Methodology of Educational Measurement and Assessment (Series)

Detlev Leutner Editor
Jens Fleischer Editor

Questions on the Soul by John...

Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and Action (Series)

Gyula Klima Editor

Reading Lena Dunham's Girls

Meredith Nash Editor
Imelda Whelehan Editor

The Story of Algebraic...

Springer Monographs in Mathematics (Series)

Władysław Narkiewicz Author

Urban and Regional Planning...

The Urban Book (Series)

Ö. Burcu ÖZdemir Sarı Editor
Suna S. ÖZdemir Editor

Cellular Nanomachines

Bhanu P. Jena Author

Advances in Motor...

Ramana Vinjamuri Editor

Severe Asthma in Children and...

Erick Forno Editor
Sejal Saglani Editor

The Financial Implications of...

Piotr ŁAsak Author
René W.h. Van Der Linden Author

The Grape Genome

Compendium of Plant Genomes (Series)

Dario Cantu Editor
M. Andrew Walker Editor

Geographies of Girlhood in US...

Literatures of the Americas (Series)

Andrea Fernández-garcía Author

English for Specific Purposes...

Nalan Kenny Editor
Elvan Eda Işık-taş Editor

Evaluating Teaching Practices...

SpringerBriefs in Education (Series)

Jesús Gabalán-coello Author
Fredy Eduardo Vásquez-rizo Author