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Ten Men You Meet in the Huddle

Bill Curry Author

The Happiest Man in the World

Alec Wilkinson Author

The Truth Is...

Melissa Etheridge Author
Laura Morton Author

Rollin' with Dre

Bruce Williams Author
Donnell Alexander Author

Hands of My Father

Myron Uhlberg Author

A Middle East Mosaic

Bernard Lewis Author

Insecure at Last

Eve Ensler Author

The Smart Cookies' Guide to...

The Smart Cookies Author
Jennifer Barrett Author

The First Star

Lars Anderson Author

Jesse Jackson

Steve Otfinoski Author

Promises I Made My Mother

Sam Haskell Author
David Rensin Author


Shirley MacLaine Author

The Territory of Men

Joelle Fraser Author

Warrior Queen

Scott Edelman Author

Back in the Day

Darrin Keith Bastfield Author

Mistress Ruby Ties It Together

Robin Shamburg Author

Dream Come True

Jo Sgammato Author


Stephen Fried Author

The Russia Hand

Strobe Talbott Author

Conversations with John...

Ian Buruma Author

To Win and Die in Dixie

Steve Eubanks Author

It Must Have Been Moonglow

Phyllis Greene Author

You Have to Stand for...

Star Jones Author

A Safe Place

Lorenzo Carcaterra Author

First In

Gary Schroen Author

Have You Found Her

Janice Erlbaum Author

Don't Bunch Up

William van Zanten Author

Champagne Baby

Laure Dugas Author

The Work

Wes Moore Author

Fifth Quarter

Jennifer Allen Author

Citizen Sherman

Michael Fellman Author

From Classrooms to Claymores

Ches Schneider Author

The Cost of Hope

Amanda Bennett Author

Growing Up X

Ilyasah Shabazz Author

Abraham Lincoln

Susan Sloate Author

Iran Awakening

Shirin Ebadi Author
Azadeh Moaveni Author

300 Sandwiches

Stephanie Smith Author

Master of Airpower

David Mets Author

Why Courage Matters

John McCain Author
Mark Salter Author

Ella in Europe

Michael Konik Author

General Jo Shelby's March

Anthony Arthur Author

The Hot House

Pete Earley Author

As Good as Gold

Kathryn Bertine Author
Kathrine Switzer Author of introduction, etc.

Opium Fiend

Steven Martin Author

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Great Lives (Series)

John W. Selfridge Author

Lay the Favorite

Beth Raymer Author

Six Silent Men

101st LRP/Rangers (Series)

Book 1

Reynel Martinez Author

Secret Lives of the Tsars

Michael Farquhar Author