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Five Chimneys

Olga Lengyel Author


Col. Masanobu Tsuji Author
Margaret E. Lake Translator

Night Comes to the Cumberlands

Harry M. Claudill Author

The Yellow Star

S. B. Unsdorfer Author


Captain B. H. Liddell Hart Author

Wake of the Wahoo

Chief Petty Officer Forest J. Sterling Author
Admiral Charles Lockwood Editor

Money Mountain

Marshall Sprague Author

Silver Queen

Caroline Bancroft Author

Singapore Nightmare

Outpost Author

Hardtack & Coffee Or the...

John D. Billings Author

Last Chapter

Ernie Pyle Author

Children of the A-Bomb

Arata Osada Author

Wooden Leg

Thomas B. Marquis Author

Honest John

Colonel Walker M. Mahurin Author

Panzer Leader

Generaloberst Heinz Guderian Author
Constantine Fitzgibbon Translator

Smoke Over Birkenau

Seweryna Szmaglewska Author
Jadwiga Rynas Translator

Condition Red; Destroyer...

Commander F. J. Bell Author

Millard Fillmore

Robert J. Rayback Author

The Struggle For Europe

Chester Wilmot Author

Franklin Roosevelt and...

LTC Robert L. Jahns Author

Red Badge of Courage

Stephen Crane Author

Japanese Inn

Oliver Statler Author

The Klondike Fever

Pierre Berton Author

Mary Lincoln

Ruth Painter Randall Author

Alaskan Apostle

J. Arthur Lazell Author

Beans, Bullets, and Black Oil...

Rear Adm. Worrall Reed Carter Author
Admiral Raymond A. Spruance Author of introduction, etc.

Frozen Chosin

Marines In the Korean War Commemorative (Series)

Brigadier General Edwin H. Simmons Author

A Nation of Immigrants

President John F. Kennedy Author

The Flight of the Heron

The Jacobite Trilogy (Series)

D. K. Broster Author

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson Author
Branch Rickey Author of introduction, etc.

Triumph in the Atlantic

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Author
E. B. Potter Author

Iwo Jima

Marines In World War II (Series)

Lt. Col. Whitman S. Bartley USMC Author
General Lemuel C. Shepherd USMC Author of introduction, etc.

Harm's Way

James E Bassett Author

England in the Seven Years...

Sir Julian Stafford Corbett, LLM. Author

Eisenhower's Six Great Decisions

General Walter Bedell Smith Author

Portrait of Myself

Margaret Bourke-White Author

Five Months At Anzac

Dr. Joseph Lievesley Beeston, M.D., C.M.G., M.L.C Author

The Desegregated Heart

Sarah Patton Boyle Author

Eighth Air Force Bombing...

Major Jon M. Sutterfield USAF Author

The Saga of Pappy Gunn

General George C. Kenney Author

People's War, People's Army;...

Vo Nguyen Giap Author

Big Dan

Dr. Frank Cunningham Author

The Campaigns of Hannibal and...

Major Michael R. Johnson Author


Marines In World War II (Series)

Major Carl W. Hoffman USMC Author
General C. B. Cates USMC Author of introduction, etc.


Martin Caiden Author
Saburo Sakai Author

Coral and Brass

General Holland M. Smith Author
Perry Finch Editor

No Quarter Given

Major John M. Curatola Author


Paul Benzaquin Author