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The Exercise of Soft Power U...

Mainzer Studien Zur Amerikanistik (Series)

Yasmin Djabarian Author

Productive Foreign Language...

Foreign Language Teaching In Europe (Series)

Michal Paradowski Editor

Discursive Construction of...

Dask – Duisburger Arbeiten Zur Sprach- Und Kulturwissenschaft / Duisburg Papers On Research In Language and Culture (Series)

Oromiya-jalata Deffa Author

Stock Characters in 9/11 Fiction

Sandra Singer Author

Capitalism without Conscience

Business and Innovation (Series)

Michel Santi Author

Selected Writings of...

Berkeley Insights In Linguistics and Semiotics (Series)

Irmengard Rauch Author
Gerald F. Carr Author

American Political Opera in...

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

John Comber Translator
Joanna Miklaszewska Author

Walden III

Donald McCrary Author

Archaization in Literary...

Transatlantic Studies In British and North American Culture (Series)

Krzysztof Filip Rudolf Author

Cross-Cultural Exchange in...

Byzantine and Neohellenic Studies (Series)

Kirsty Stewart Editor
James Moreton Wakeley Editor

The Panentheism of Karl...

Berliner Bibliothek (Series)

Benedikt Paul Göcke Author

Hidden in Plain Sight

Medieval Interventions (Series)

James O. Ward Author

Global Politics in the 21st...

International Relations In Asia, Africa and the Americas (Series)

Andrzej Mania Editor
Marcin Grabowski Editor

Playing Shakespeares Lovers

Playing Shakespeare's Characters (Series)

Louis Fantasia Editor

Arab TV-Audiences

Ehab Galal Editor

A Critical Edition of Ruths...

Arlene McAlister Editor

Toni Morrison and the Maternal

Modern American Literature (Series)

Linda Wagner-Martin Author

In Search of Canine Justice

Julie Walsh Author

The Reception of German...

Michalis Georgiou Author

Poverty and Inequality in...

Kozminski Studies In Management and Economics (Series)

Lukasz Czarnecki Author
Erik Balleza Author

Towards Turkish American...

Interamericana (Series)

Elena Furlanetto Author

A Dictionary of Camfranglais

Dask – Duisburger Arbeiten Zur Sprach- Und Kulturwissenschaft / Duisburg Papers On Research In Language and Culture (Series)

Hector Kamdem Author

Studies on Interdisciplinary...

Adil Akinci Editor

Studies on evidentiality...

Specimina Philologiae Slavicae (Series)

Björn Wiemer Editor

Limit Experiences

Eastern European Culture, Politics and Societies (Series)

Alex Shannon Translator
Jacek Leociak Author

Reconstructing Memory

Geschichte – Erinnerung – Politik. Studies In History, Memory and Politics (Series)

Piotr Forecki Author

The Continuum of Consciousness

American University Studies (Series)

Jennifer Eimers Author

Formalization of Grammar in...

Potsdam Linguistic Investigations / Potsdamer Linguistische Untersuchungen / Recherches Linguistiques à Potsdam (Series)

Book 2009

Peter Kosta Editor
Lilia Schürcks Editor

Typicality in History / La...

L'europe Alimentaire/european Food Issues/europa Alimentaria/l'europa Alimentare (Series)

Giovanni Ceccarelli Editor
Alberto Grandi Editor

The Advanced Learner Variety

Contemporary Studies In Descriptive Linguistics (Series)

Emmannuelle Labeau Editor
Florence Myles Editor

Daily Life of the Patriarchs

Shaul Bar Author

Thomas Hardy Writing Dress

Writing and Culture In the Long Nineteenth Century (Series)

Simon Gatrell Author

From Motion to Emotion

Lodz Studies In Language (Series)

Marek Kuzniak Editor
Bozena Rozwadowska Editor

Duration, Temporality, Self

Elena Fell Author

The Complete Correspondence...

Ronald Crawford Author
Hildegard Fritsch Author

Proceedings of Methods XIV

Bamberger Beiträge Zur Englischen Sprachwissenschaft / Bamberg Studies In English Linguistics (Series)

Book 2011

Alena Barysevich Editor
Alexandra D'Arcy Editor

What Makes a Film Tick?

Film Cultures (Series)

Anne Rutherford Author

The Creation of God

Dieux, Hommes Et Religions / Gods, Humans and Religions (Series)

Rik Pinxten Author

Multilingual Identities

Inke Du Bois Editor
Nicole Baumgarten Editor

Communicative Spaces

Claudia Lange Editor
Beatrix Weber Editor

Financial Reporting under IAS...

Vera Palea Author

Wittgenstein on Forms of Life...

Lisbon Philosophical Studies – Uses of Languages In Interdisciplinary Fields (Series)

Antonio Marques Editor
Nuno Venturinha Editor

Information Society and its...

Borut Roncevic Editor
Matevž Tomšic Editor

Collections of Stained Glass...

Claudine Lautier Editor
Hartmut Scholz Editor

The Term «Person» in the...

American University Studies (Series)

Theodore James Whapham Author

Good Dragons are Rare

Alph: Arbeiten Zur Literarischen Phantastik / Alph: Approaches to Literary Phantasy (Series)

Fanfan Chen Editor
Thomas Honegger Editor

Their Hopes, Fears and Reality

Melinda Ann Dooly Owenby Editor

The Fantasy of Reality

Rachel E. Silverman Editor