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Ways of the Worlds Words

Linguistic Insights (Series)

Zsuzsa Hoffmann Author

Walden III

Donald McCrary Author

Current Explorations in...

Studies In English Medieval Language and Literature (Series)

Book 2017

Merja Stenroos Editor
Martti Mäkinen Editor

Cognition in context

Lodz Studies In Language (Series)

Enrique Bernárdez Editor
Joanna Jablonska-Hood Editor

Empirical Perspectives on...

Sprache Im Kontext (Series)

Christiane Dalton-Puffer Editor
Ute Smit Editor

Contexts of Folklore

International Folkloristics (Series)

Simon Bronner Editor
Wolfgang Mieder Editor

Italian American Cultural...

Francesca de Lucia Author

Research on Cultural Studies

Mehmet Ali Icbay Editor
Hasan Arslan Editor

Global South Powers in...

Regional Integration and Social Cohesion (Series)

Deon Geldenhuys Editor
Humberto González Editor

Lost in the Eurofog

Studies In Language, Culture and Society (Series)

Lucja Biel Author

Leadership and Conflict in...

Studies In Episcopal and Anglican Theology (Series)

Mkunga H. P. Mtingele Author

Against the Christians

Patristic Studies (Series)

Jeffrey W. Hargis Author

Romance Languages

Anna Gudmundson Editor
Laura Álvarez López Editor

Rise of the Early Roman Republic

Thomas L. Dynneson Author

Capitalism without Conscience

Business and Innovation (Series)

Michel Santi Author

The Exercise of Soft Power U...

Mainzer Studien Zur Amerikanistik (Series)

Yasmin Djabarian Author

The Transnational Turn in...

Tanfer Emin Tunc Editor
Bahar Gursel Editor


Mara Cogni Author

The Role of Women in Turkish...

Elif Nuroglu Editor
Çiydem Çatak Editor


Cross-roads (Series)

Tamara Brzostowska-Tereszkiewicz Editor
Magdalena Rembowska-Pluciennik Editor

Political Animals

Alec Charles Author

Love's Betrayal

Peter Mulholland Author

KakaoTalk and Facebook

Mediated Youth (Series)

Jiwoo Park Author
Dafna Lemish Author

European Sources of Human...

Mette Lebech Author

Groups, Coteries, Circles and...

Laura Scuriatti Editor

Storytelling and Education in...

Matteo Stocchetti Editor

The Complete Correspondence...

Ronald Crawford Author
Hildegard Fritsch Author

The Pilgrimage and Conversion...

David Jackson Author

Desegregation of the New York...

Theresa J. Canada Author

Arts with or without Ideas

Veli-Matti Saarinen Author

Researching ELT

Dincay Köksal Author

Learner Autonomy in Language...

Bayreuther Beitraege Zur Glottodidaktik / Bayreuth Contributions to Glottodidactics (Series)

Sara Cotterall Editor
David A. Crabbe Editor

The Evolution of Language

Dis/continuities (Series)

Przemyslaw Zywiczynski Author
Slawomir Wacewicz Author

American Political Opera in...

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

John Comber Translator
Joanna Miklaszewska Author

ILO Histories

International and Comparative Social History (Series)

Jasmien Van Daele Editor
Magaly Rodriguez Garcia Editor

Selected Writings of...

Berkeley Insights In Linguistics and Semiotics (Series)

Irmengard Rauch Author
Gerald F. Carr Author

Interdisciplinarités entre...

Ecopolis (Series)

Bernard Hubert Editor
Nicole Mathieu Editor

The Cinema of Iceland

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

Sebastian Jakub Konefal Author

Privatization Performance in...

Esra Kabaklarli Author

A Very Special Life

Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz Author

Shame in the Individual...

African Theological Studies / Etudes Théologiques Africaines (Series)

Mark S. Aidoo Author

Interpreting the Old...

Bible and Theology In Africa (Series)

Book 1999

Mary Getui Editor
Knut Holter Editor

Domestic Biographies

Studies On Themes and Motifs In Literature (Series)

Elif S. Armbruster Author

Militant Education,...

Studia Educationis Historica (Series)

Sonia Borges Author

From Motion to Emotion

Lodz Studies In Language (Series)

Marek Kuzniak Editor
Bozena Rozwadowska Editor

Legal Language and the Search...

Linguistic Insights (Series)

Anne Wagner Editor
Sophie Cacciaguidi-Fahy Editor

The Many Faces of Defeat

American University Studies (Series)

Book 1945

Edward N. Peterson Author

Das Entenprinzip

Michèle Cooke Editor