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Pogrom Cries Essays on...

Eastern European Culture, Politics and Societies (Series)

Joanna Tokarska-Bakir Author

Cross-Cultural Exchange in...

Byzantine and Neohellenic Studies (Series)

Kirsty Stewart Editor
James Moreton Wakeley Editor

Telling Hands and Teaching Feet

Religions and Discourse (Series)

Carole Ferch-Johnson Author

Arab TV-Audiences

Ehab Galal Editor

A Mirror on the High Road

Eastern European Culture, Politics and Societies (Series)

Antoni Sulek Author

Towards Turkish American...

Interamericana (Series)

Elena Furlanetto Author

Political Communication in...

Interdisciplinary Communication Studies (Series)

Taroub A. Khayyat Author

Daily Life of the Patriarchs

Shaul Bar Author

From Motion to Emotion

Lodz Studies In Language (Series)

Marek Kuzniak Editor
Bozena Rozwadowska Editor

Information Society and its...

Borut Roncevic Editor
Matevž Tomšic Editor

The Fantasy of Reality

Rachel E. Silverman Editor

Editors Talk about Editing

Mass Communication and Journalism (Series)

Susan L. Greenberg Author

Social Conflicts and Violence...

African Theological Studies / Etudes Théologiques Africaines (Series)

Damian Emeka Ikejiama Author

Living the Future in Dialogue

African Theological Studies / Etudes Théologiques Africaines (Series)

Chizurum Ann Ugbor Author

Biomass Energy Economics and...

Development Economics and Policy (Series)

Qiu Chen Author

Estimation of Uncertainty of...

Maritime Logistik / Maritime Logistics (Series)

David Zastrau Author

France and Ireland

Reimagining Ireland (Series)

Una Hunt Editor
Mary Pierse Editor

Ideologies and Forms of...

Studies In Linguistics, Anglophone Literatures and Cultures (Series)

Beata Kiersnowska Author

Researching ELT

Dincay Köksal Author

LEurope des citoyens et la...

Dynamiques Citoyennes En Europe / Citizenship Dynamics In Europe (Series)

Michel Catala Editor
Stanislas Jeannesson Editor

Playing with Expectations

Modern American Literature (Series)

Preston Park Cooper Author

Political Animals

Alec Charles Author

Between Hollywood and Godlywood

Nathalie Dupont Author

Integration of the Self and...

Patricia Benstein Author

Twenty-First Century Biopolitics

Beyond Humanism: Trans- and Posthumanism / Jenseits Des Humanismus: Trans- Und Posthumanismus (Series)

Bogdana Koljevic Author

Local Community, Power and...

Studies In European Integration, State and Society (Series)

Zdzislaw Mach Editor

The Case for Perfection

Johann Roduit Author


Belgian Francophone Library (Series)

Jan Baetens Author
Michael Kasper Author

«Wooden Man»?

Masculinity Studies (Series)

Daniel Matias Author

Authorial Presence in English...

Studies In Language, Culture and Society (Series)

Iga Lehman Author

A Very Special Life

Judith Tydor Baumel-Schwartz Author

The Digital Practices of...

Digital Formations (Series)

Roderick Graham Author

The Embodiment of Authority

Interdisziplinäre Studien Zur Musik / Interdisciplinary Studies of Music (Series)

Taina Riikonen Editor
Marjaana Virtanen Editor

Gab es einen Stalin-Hitler-Pakt?

Christoph Koch Editor

Linguaggio e comicità

Sandra Covino Editor
Vincenzo Faraoni Editor

Caldo Verde Is Not Stone Soup

Interdisciplinary Studies In Diasporas (Series)

George Monteiro Author


Warschauer Studien Zur Germanistik Und Zur Angewandten Linguistik (Series)

Anna P. Borowska Author

Hope for the Suffering...

Iohanna Sahinidou Author

Educating for Sexual Virtue

Religion, Education and Values (Series)

Olwyn E. Mark Author

Invisibility Studies

Cultural History and Literary Imagination (Series)

Henriette Steiner Editor
Kristin Veel Editor

International Law on...

Runyu Wang Author

Philosophy and Logic of...

Studies In Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (Series)

Piotr Stalmaszczyk Editor

Advertising and Race

Linda C. L. Fu Author

Cosmopolitan Modernity

New Visions of the Cosmopolitan (Series)

Anastasia Marinopoulou Editor

«New Portuguese Letters» to...

Reconfiguring Identities In the Portuguese-speaking World (Series)

Ana Luísa Amaral Editor
Ana Paula Ferreira Editor

Italian American Cultural...

Francesca de Lucia Author

Consuming Irish Children

Reimagining Ireland (Series)

Book 18601921

Lauren Rebecca Clark Author

Handbook for Foreign Language...

Foreign Language Teaching In Europe (Series)

Hermann Funk Editor
Manja Gerlach Editor