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Decolonization(s) and Education

Studia Educationis Historica (Series)

marcelo Caruso Author
Daniel Maul Author

Combating Corruption and...

Studies In Politics, Security and Society (Series)

Zbyslaw Dobrowolski Author

Cultural Reflection in...

New Horizons In Management Sciences (Series)

Lukasz Sulkowski Author

Whats happening in cyber space?

Necla Keles Editor
Ahu Ergen Editor


Zivilisationen Und Geschichte / Civilizations and History / Civilisations Et Histoire (Series)

Stefan Noack Editor
Christine de Gemeaux Editor

Queer Ventennio

Italian Modernities (Series)

John Champagne Author

On the Music Front. Socialist...

Eastern European Studies In Musicology (Series)

Slawomir Wieczorek Author

Interjections and Other Parts...

Alan Reed Libert Author

Displaced Memories

Geschichte – Erinnerung – Politik. Studies In History, Memory and Politics (Series)

Simon Lewis Translator
Anna Wylegala Author

What Do We Really Know About...

Elisabeth Klaus Editor
Josef Seethaler Editor

Romanticism, Reaction and...

Cultural History and Literary Imagination (Series)

Book 18141823

Alicia Laspra Rodríguez Editor
Bernard Beatty Editor

Construction of New Turkey

Orhun Cem Karsavuran Author

Informalization and...

Sprachkönnen Und Sprachbewusstheit In Europa / Language Competence and Language Awareness In Europe (Series)

Amei Koll-Stobbe Editor

Cushitic Lexicon and Phonology

Schriften Zur Afrikanistik / Research In African Studies (Series)

M. Lionel Bender Author
Grover Hudson Editor

The Rehabilitation and Ethnic...

Geschichte – Erinnerung – Politik. Studies In History, Memory and Politics (Series)

George Szenderowicz Translator
Sylwia Bykowska Author

Scotland and Arbroath 1320 2020

Scottish Studies International (Series)

Klaus Peter Müller Editor

The Kinetics of the Invisible

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

Matteo Bonfitto Author

Deconstruction, Politics,...

Modernity In Question (Series)

Jan Burzynski Other
anna R. Burzynska Author


Elena Ungari Author

World under Revision

Cross-roads (Series)

Mikolaj Golubiewski Translator
Wojciech Ligeza Author

Speech Acts, Directness and...

New Trends In Translation Studies (Series)

Károly Polcz Author

Handbook of Energy and...

Celil Aydin Editor
Burak Darici Editor

The Romanian Economy. a...

Luminita Chivu Editor
Valeriu Ioan-Franc Editor


Studies In Political Transition (Series)

Patrycja Poniatowska Translator
Ireneusz Krzeminski Author

Carillons and Carillon Music...

Eastern European Studies In Musicology (Series)

Wojciech Bonkowski Translator
Danuta Popinigis Author

A Prometheus on a Human Scale...

Grzegorz Zamoyski Author
Piotr Franaszek Author

Jesus of Nazareth

Carysfort Press Ltd. (Series)

Roger Lenaers Author