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The Fantasy of Reality

Rachel E. Silverman Editor

The Reception of German...

Michalis Georgiou Author

Walden III

Donald McCrary Author

Arts with or without Ideas

Veli-Matti Saarinen Author

Beyond Binaries

Reconfiguring Identities In the Portuguese-speaking World (Series)

Paulo Pepe Editor
Ana Raquel Fernandes Editor

The Cinema of Iceland

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

Sebastian Jakub Konefal Author

Cinematic Echoes of Covenants...

Interdisciplinary Studies In Performance (Series)

Christopher Garbowski Author


Studien Zur Technik-, Wirtschafts- Und Sozialgeschichte (Series)

Hans-Joachim Braun Editor

Ahasuerus at the Easel

Tom Sandqvist Author

Contemporary Irish Theatre

Dramaturgies (Series)

Kao Wei H. Author

Korean Screen Cultures

Andrew David Jackson Editor
Colette Balmain Editor

A Study on the Thematic,...

Currents In Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures (Series)

Yumin Ao Author

TV-Hero(in)es of Boys and Girls

Maya Götz Author

An Officer of Civilization

Nurit Buchweitz Author

Visuality in the Works of...

Corinna Reipen Author

The Reception of Subtitles...

Pablo Romero-Fresco Editor

European and Asian...

Pascaline Gaborit Editor

Frank Capra and the Cinema of...

Malcolm Scott Author

In the Footsteps of the Old...

Klaudyna Michalowicz Translator
Agnieszka Rosales Rodríguez Author

Ekphrastic Conceptualism in...

Dis/continuities (Series)

Jaroslaw Hetman Author

Collections of Stained Glass...

Tim Ayers Editor
Brigitte Kurmann-Schwarz Editor

Renaissance Studies

Michael D. Morford Editor
Jennifer H. Finkel Editor

Representations of War in...

Jaroslaw Suchoples Editor
Richard Mason Editor

Konsum und Imagination- Tales...

Godela Weiss-Sussex Editor
Ulrike Zitzlsperger Editor

Luigi Ghirri and the...

Marina Spunta Editor
Jacopo Benci Editor

Authorizing Shakespeare on...

Studies In Shakespeare (Series)

L. Monique Pittman Author

Corneilles «Horace» and...

Currents In Comparative Romance Languages and Literatures (Series)

Madelyn Gutwirth Author

Domestic Biographies

Studies On Themes and Motifs In Literature (Series)

Elif S. Armbruster Author

Groups, Coteries, Circles and...

Laura Scuriatti Editor

"The Germ"

Cultural Interactions: Studies In the Relationship Between the Arts (Series)

Paola Spinozzi Author
Elisa Bizzotto Author

Buffoonery in Irish Drama

Irish Studies (Series)

Kathleen Heininge Author

Cultural Metamorphoses in...

Roberta Di Carmine Author

Landscape Considerations in...

Spectrum Slovakia (Series)

Ingrid Belcáková Author
László Miklós Author

The Glass Veil

Art – Knowledge – Theory (Series)

Suzanne Anker Author
Sabine Flach Author

The Continuum of Consciousness

American University Studies (Series)

Jennifer Eimers Author

Peace in Motion

American University Studies (Series)

Eric Evans Author
Yoram Lubling Author

Socio-critical Aspects in...

Romania Viva (Series)

Isabel Maurer Queipo Editor

Metropolen als Ort der...

Cross-cultural Communication (Series)

Ernest W.B. Hess-Lüttich Editor
Nilüfer Kuruyazici Editor

The National and Beyond

New Studies In European Cinema (Series)

Pietari Kääpä Author

Legacies of War and...

Iberian and Latin American Studies: the Arts, Literature, and Identity (Series)

Alison Ribeiro de Menezes Editor
Catherine O'Leary Editor

Travel Texts and Moving Cultures

Australian and New Zealand Studies In German Language and Literature (Series)

Anita Perkins Author


Modern French Identities (Series)

Georgina Evans Editor
Adam Kay Editor

Native America

Interamericana (Series)

Jeanette den Toonder Editor
Kim van Dam Editor

Sound and Sense

Britische Und Irische Studien Zur Deutschen Sprache Und Literatur / British and Irish Studies In German Language and Literature (Series)

Josephine Tudor Author

Roger Frys Difficult and...

Cultural Interactions: Studies In the Relationship Between the Arts (Series)

Adrianne Rubin Author

Listening to the French New Wave

New Studies In European Cinema (Series)

Orlene Denice McMahon Author

In Other Words

Encounters. the Warsaw Studies In English Language Culture, Literature, and Visual Arts (Series)

Ewa B. Luczak Editor
Justyna Wierzchowska Editor

Modernity and Early Cultures

Neue Berner Schriften Zur Kunst (Series)

anna Minta Editor
Bernd Nicolai Editor