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Life Will Be the Death of Me

Chelsea Handler Author
Chelsea Handler Narrator

Say Nothing

Patrick Radden Keefe Author
Matthew Blaney Narrator

The Uninhabitable Earth

David Wallace-Wells Author
David Wallace-Wells Narrator

The Truths We Hold

Kamala Harris Author
Kamala Harris Narrator

The Spy and the Traitor

Ben Macintyre Author
John Lee Narrator

Doing Justice

Preet Bharara Author
Preet Bharara Narrator


Evan Thomas Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

American Prison

Shane Bauer Author
James Fouhey Narrator

The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee

David Treuer Author
Tanis Parenteau Narrator

Rising Out of Hatred

Eli Saslow Author
Scott Brick Narrator

The Point of It All

Charles Krauthammer Author
Daniel Krauthammer Editor

Finding My Voice

Valerie Jarrett Author
Valerie Jarrett Narrator


Roger McNamee Author
Roger McNamee Narrator

Our Man

George Packer Author
Joe Barrett Narrator


Emily Bazelon Author
Cassandra Campbell Narrator

An American Summer

Alex Kotlowitz Author
Alex Kotlowitz Narrator


Bret Easton Ellis Author
Bret Easton Ellis Narrator

Heirs of the Founders

H. W. Brands Author
Eric Martin Narrator

The Poison Squad

Deborah Blum Author
Kirsten Potter Narrator

The Dreamt Land

Mark Arax Author
Mark Arax Narrator

This America

Jill Lepore Author
Jill Lepore Narrator


Bob Spitz Author
Paul Michael Narrator

American Dialogue

Joseph J. Ellis Author
Arthur Morey Narrator

A Woman First

Selina Meyer Author
Selina Meyer Narrator


Ben S. Bernanke Author
Timothy F. Geithner Author


Chris Arnade Author
Donte Bonner Narrator

The Impeachers

Brenda Wineapple Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator


Tim Bouverie Author
John Sessions Narrator

The Problem of Democracy

Nancy Isenberg Author
Andrew Burstein Author

The New Silk Roads

Peter Frankopan Author
Leighton Pugh Narrator


Jon Meacham Author
Timothy Naftali Author

The Third Pillar

Raghuram Rajan Author
Jason Culp Narrator

The Back Channel

William J. Burns Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson Author
Bryan Stevenson Narrator

The War Before the War

Andrew Delbanco Author
Ari Fliakos Narrator

You Can't Go Wrong Doing Right

Robert J. Brown Author
Dominic Hoffman Narrator

Embers of War

Fredrik Logevall Author
Fred Sanders Narrator

Blood of the Liberals

George Packer Author
George Packer Narrator

The Man Without a Face

Masha Gessen Author
Masha Gessen Narrator

Can Democracy Work?

James Miller Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

The Truths We Hold

Kamala Harris Author
Robin Miles Narrator

We Say #NeverAgain

Melissa Falkowski Editor
Eric Garner Editor

The Unwanted

Michael Dobbs Author
Mark Deakins Narrator

Melting Pot or Civil War?

Reihan Salam Author
Reihan Salam Narrator

The Fixer

Bradley Tusk Author
Bradley Tusk Narrator

Our Lost Declaration

Mike Lee Author
Tom Parks Narrator

Honorable Exit

Thurston Clarke Author
Rob Shapiro Narrator

Gray Day

Eric O'neill Author
Eric O'neill Narrator