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From Journey's End to the Dam...

Roland Wales Author

Hurricane Squadron Ace

Nick Thomas Author

Honourable Warriors

Richard Streatfeild Author

The Real Hornblower

Bryan Perrett Author

Marcus Agrippa

Lindsay Powell Author

Howard Pixton

Stella Pixton Author

Commando General

Richard B Mead Author

Obedient Unto Death

Werner Kindler Author

The Scourge of Soho

Dick Kirby Author

The Life and Fate of Vasily...

John Garrard Author
Carol Garrard Author


John Douglas Author

Red Tobruk

Gregory Smith Author

Gilgit Rebelion

William Brown Author

Covert Radar and Signals...

David Hayson Author
Peter Jackson Author

When the Moon Rises

Tony Davies Author

From Pole to Pole

Garth James Cameron Author

Johnny Get Your Gun

John F Tucker Author

Charles Darwin

Andrew Norman Author

Winged Scalpel

Richard Villar Author

Trailblazer in Flight

Yvonne Pope Sintes Author
Graham M. Simons Author

Group Captain John 'Joe'...

Sam Gooch Author

The Last Great Cavalryman

Richard Mead Author

The Duke of Monmouth

Laura Brennan Author

Sir John Tiptoft – 'Butcher...

Peter Spring Author

The Boy Airman

Richard Petty Author

In a Guardsman's Boots

Paddy Rochford Author
Caroline Rochford Author

My Fathers Son

Dawyck Haig Author

Lord Esher

Peter Fraser Author

Calendar Boy

Austin Mitchell Author

Memoirs of a Wartime Interpreter

Elena Rzhevskaya Author

The Zulu War Journal

Colonel Henry Harford CB Author

Broken Sword

Charles Messenger Author

Anders' Army

Evan McGilvray Author

Arctic Convoy PQ8

Michael Wadsworth Author

The Phantom Major

Virginia Cowles Author


Lee Fratantuono Author

The Bravest Man in the...

Philip Bujak Author

What's Tha Playing at Nah?

Martyn Johnson Author

Panzer Ace

Richard Freiherr von Rosen Author

The Sterling Redemption

James Edmiston Author
Lawrence Kormornick Author

Night Fighter Navigator

Dennis Gosling Author

Lord Mountcashel

D P Graham Author