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The Long Call

Two Rivers (Series)

Ann Cleeves Author
Ben Aldridge Narrator

Too Good to Be True

Ann Cleeves Author
Kenny Blyth Narrator


David Epstein Author
Will Damron Narrator

This is Going to Hurt

Adam Kay Author
Adam Kay Narrator

The Distance Home

Paula Saunders Author
Rebecca Lowman Narrator

Aussie Grit

Mark Webber Author
Nicholas Osmond Narrator

I Am Duran

Roberto Duran Author
Henry Leyva Narrator

Meet Me in the In-Between

Bella Pollen Author
Imogen Church Narrator

How to Get Your Website Noticed

How To: Academy (Series)

Filip Matous Author
Filip Matous Narrator

The Good Luck of Right Now

Matthew Quick Author
Oliver Wyman Narrator

A Time of Blood

Of Blood and Bone (Series)

John Gwynne Author
Damian Lynch Narrator

False Hearts

Laura Lam Author
January LaVoy Narrator

This Census-Taker

China Miéville Author
Matthew Frow Narrator

Let Go My Hand

Edward Docx Author
Daniel Weyman Narrator

Death at Sea

Andrea Camilleri Author
Stephen Sartarelli Translator

I Want to Show You More

Jamie Quatro Author
Reay Kaplan Narrator

The Twisted Sword

Poldark (Series)

Winston Graham Author
Oliver J. Hembrough Narrator


Kindle County (Series)

Scott Turow Author
Robert G. Slade Narrator

A Gift from Woolworths

Woolworths (Series)

Elaine Everest Author
Annie Aldington Narrator

Electrified Sheep

Alex Boese Author
Jared Zeus Narrator

Poverty Safari

Darren McGarvey Author
Darren McGarvey Narrator

Running Upon the Wires

Kae Tempest Author
Kae Tempest Narrator

The Mother's Secret

Clare Swatman Author
Anna Acton Narrator

The Faithful

Juliet West Author
Grace Andrews Narrator

The Skripal Files

Mark Urban Author
Mark Urban Narrator

The Line of Polity

Agent Cormac (Series)

Neal Asher Author
Ric Jerrom Narrator

Operation Chaos

Matthew Sweet Author
Steve West Narrator

The Rise and Fall of the...

Steve Brusatte Author
Patrick Lawlor Narrator


Ryan Gattis Author
Christian Barrillas Narrator


Project Nemesis (Series)

Brendan Reichs Author
Emily Rankin Narrator

Double Kiss

Soho Nights (Series)

Ronnie O'Sullivan Author
Nick Moran Narrator

The Inspector and Silence

The Van Veeteren series

Håkan Nesser Author
David Timson Narrator

The Reason You're Alive

Matthew Quick Author
R. C. Bray Narrator

The Names

Don DeLillo Author
Jacques Roy Narrator

The Warship

Rise of the Jain (Series)

Neal Asher Author
Peter Noble Narrator

The Hearts of Men

Nickolas Butler Author
Adam Verner Narrator

A New Map of Love

Abi Oliver Author
Peter Kenny Narrator

King of Spies

Blaine Harden Author
Mark Bramhall Narrator

Killer Affair

Rebecca Chance Author
Imogen Church Narrator

Bored and Brilliant

Manoush Zomorodi Author
Manoush Zomorodi Narrator

A Season of Secrets

Margaret Pemberton Author
Kristin Atherton Narrator

Fierce Fragile Hearts

Sara Barnard Author
Charlie Sanderson Narrator

The Darkening Age

Catherine Nixey Author
Lalla Ward Narrator

The Charmed Life of Alex Moore

Molly Flatt Author
Sophie Bleasdale Narrator

Nature's Mutiny

Philipp Blom Author
Jonathan Keeble Narrator

The Strangler's Honeymoon

The Van Veeteren series

Håkan Nesser Author
David Timson Narrator

The Death of Her

Debbie Howells Author
Clare Corbett Narrator

Little Deaths

Emma Flint Author
Graham Halstead Narrator