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Modern Credit Risk Management

Panayiota Koulafetis Author

Gendered Success in Higher...

Kate White Editor
Pat O'Connor Editor

Talent Management in Emerging...

Marina Latukha Author

Organizational Identity and...

Christoph Dörrenbächer Editor
Matthias Tomenendal Editor

The Economic Psychology of...

A. Pepper Author

Creating Technology-Driven...

Giuseppina Passiante Editor
Aldo Romano Editor

Nitrogen and Climate Change

D. Reay Author

The Palgrave Companion to...

Robert A. Cord Editor

China's Economic Growth

John Joshua Author

A Multi-Industrial Linkages...

Akifumi Kuchiki Editor
Tetsuo Mizobe Editor

The Entrepreneurial Paradox

Lianne Taylor Author

The Palgrave Handbook of...

Karl Spracklen Editor
Brett Lashua Editor

Environmental Heresies

Juha Hiedanpää Author
Daniel W. Bromley Author

Fans and Fan Cultures

Henrik Linden Author
Sara Linden Author

Services and the Green Economy

Andrew Jones Editor
Patrik Ström Editor

Revolution of Innovation...

Alexander Brem Editor
Eric Viardot Editor

Dynamic Shipping and Port...

Paul Yae-woo Lee Editor
Kevin Cullinane Editor

Advertising in the Aging Society

Florian Kohlbacher Author
Michael Prieler Author

Financing the Green...

U. Volz Author
Judith Böhnke Author

Driven to the Brink

Alicia Micklethwait Author
Patricia Dimond Author

Retirement, Pensions and Justice

Mark Hyde Author
Rory Shand Author

Demystifying Talent Management

Billy Adamsen Author

Rent-Seeking in Private Pensions

Mark Hyde Author
Silvia Borzutzky Author

Capitalism without Capital

Alan Shipman Author

People, Risk, and Security

Lance Wright Author

The International Handbook of...

Manolis G. Kavussanos Editor
Ilias D. Visvikis Editor

Hard Work in New Jobs

U. Holtgrewe Editor
M. Ramioul Editor

Women's Voices in Management

Helena Desivilya Syna Editor
Carmen-eugenia Costea Editor

Mediating Institutions

Malcolm Torry Author

Real Market Economics

Philip Rush Author

Evolution of Innovation...

A. Brem Editor
E. Viardot Editor

Another State of Mind

R. Blomme Editor
B. Van Hoof Editor

Female Entrepreneurship in...

V. Ramadani Editor
S. Gërguri-rashiti Editor

The Trend Management Toolkit

A. Kjaer Author

Sraffa and the Reconstruction...

E. Levrero Editor
A. Palumbo Editor

Media Ethics and Justice in...

S. Rao Editor
H. Wasserman Editor

Media Transformation

L. Elleström Author

Making the Compelling...

W. Messner Author

New Labour Policy, Industrial...

S. Coulter Author

Germany's War Debt to Greece

Nicos Christodoulakis Author

Poverty and Exclusion of...

A. Bhalla Author
D. Luo Author

Production Structure and...

Y. Kuroda Author

Game Based Organization Design

Jeroen Van Bree Author

The New Workforce Challenge

A. Hatum Author