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Decolonizing Universalism

Serene J. Khader Author

Decent Incomes for All

Bea Cantillon Editor
Tim Goedemé Editor

The Platform Society

José Van Dijck Author
Thomas Poell Author

Considering Comparison

Oliver Freiberger Author

Shocks, States, and...

Thomas K. Rudel Author

The World Underfoot

Hallie M. Franks Author

The Digital Street

Jeffrey Lane Author

Invisible Visits

Tina K. Sacks Author

Millennial Missionaries

Katherine Dugan Author

The History of Childhood

Very Short Introductions (Series)

James Marten Author

Migration for Mission

Mary Johnson S.N.D. de N. Author
Mary Gautier Author

American Cosmic

D.W. Pasulka Author

American Juvenile Justice

Franklin E. Zimring Author

Debating Pornography

Debating Ethics (Series)

Andrew Altman Author
Lori Watson Author

Advocacy Practice for Social...

Richard Hoefer Author

When Children Refuse School

Christopher A. Kearney Author
Anne Marie Albano Author

Women's Sports

What Everyone Needs to Know (Series)

Jaime Schultz Author

The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism

Catherine Rottenberg Author

Shaping a Science of Social Work

John S. Brekke Editor
Jeane W. Anastas Editor

The Behavioral Science of...

Gianni Pirelli Author
Hayley Wechsler Author

The Children of Harvey Milk

Andrew Reynolds Author

Social Workers Count

Michael Anthony Lewis Author

Categories We Live By

Ásta Author

Immigration and Democracy

Sarah Song Author

The Next Mormons

Jana Riess Author

Feeling Good by Doing Good

Christopher Mruk Author

After the Projects

Lawrence J. Vale Author

If... Then

Taina Bucher Author


Gail Ukockis Author

Facing Segregation

Molly W. Metzger Editor
Henry S. Webber Editor

Evaluating Civic Youth Work

Ross VeLure Roholt Editor
Michael Baizerman Editor

The Oxford Handbook of the...

Bruno David Editor
Ian J. McNiven Editor

God in the Rainforest

Kathryn T. Long Author

Random Families

Rosanna Hertz Author
Margaret K. Nelson Author

Decoration and Display in...

Maryl B. Gensheimer Author

Environmental Justice as...

Christina L. Erickson Author

Punishment and Citizenship

Milena Tripkovic Author

Critical Thinking and the...

Eileen Gambrill Author

Program Evaluation for Social...

Richard M. Grinnell Author
Peter A. Gabor Author

Addictions Counseling

Cynthia A. Faulkner Author
Samuel Faulkner Author

Burying Jihadis

Riva Kastoryano Author
Cynthia Schoch Translator

Feeding a Thousand Souls

Vijaya Nagarajan Author

Communities that Care

Abigail A. Fagan Author
J. David Hawkins Author

Transmitted Wounds

Amit Pinchevski Author

Making Education Work for the...

Willliam Elliott Author
Melinda Lewis Author

International Relations' Last...

J. Samuel Barkin Author
Laura Sjoberg Author

Rites of the God-King

Marko Geslani Author

Figuring Racism in Medieval...

M. Lindsay Kaplan Author