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Charles Bamforth Author


Stephen Braun Author

Natural-Born Cyborgs

Andy Clark Author

The Emergence of Everything

Oxford Textbooks in Clinical Psychology (Series)

Harold J. Morowitz Author

The Future of the Brain

Steven Rose Author

The Microbial Models of...

Rowland H. Davis Author

Assembling the Tree of Life

Joel Cracraft Editor
Michael J. Donoghue Editor

Better than Prozac

Samuel H. Barondes Author

Biochemical Adaptation

Peter W. Hochachka Author
George N. Somero Author

A Guide to Biblical Sites in...

Pivotal Moments in American History (Series)

Clyde E. Fant Author
Mitchell G. Reddish Author

Responsible Conduct of Research

Adil E. Shamoo Author
David B. Resnik Author

Natural Selection and Social...

Robert Trivers Author

Behavioral Ecology and...

Tim Caro Author

Viral Sex

Jaap Goudsmit Author

Creationism's Trojan Horse

Barbara Forrest Author
Paul R. Gross Author

The Oxford Handbook of the...

Yann Bramoullé Editor
Andrea Galeotti Editor

Natural Hybridization and...

Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution (Series)

Michael L. Arnold Author

Bee Pollination in...

Rosalind James Editor
Theresa L. Pitts-Singer Editor


John Avise Author

Ecological Orbits

Lev Ginzburg Author
Mark Colyvan Author

Conservation Medicine

A. Alonso Aguirre Editor
Richard S. Ostfeld Editor

Civilized Life in the Universe

George Basalla Author

Biology of Aging

Robert Arking Author

Climate Variability and the...

Cynthia Rosenzweig Author
Daniel Hillel Author

Deltas and Humans

Thomas S. Bianchi Author

Econophysics and Financial...

Franck Jovanovic Author
Christophe Schinckus Author

Bioorganic Synthesis

Gary W. Morrow Author

Climate Change and Society

Riley E. Dunlap Editor
Robert J. Brulle Editor

A Philosophy for the Science...

Anna Alexandrova Author

A Fierce Green Fire

Marybeth Lorbiecki Author

Low Carbon Energy Transitions

Kathleen Araújo Author

The Man Who Saved Sea Turtles

Frederick Davis Author

The Scientific Sublime

Alan G. Gross Author

God, the Devil, and Darwin

Niall Shanks Author
Richard Dawkins Commentator

Down to the Wire

David W. Orr Author

A Tale of Seven Elements

Eric Scerri Author

Buddhist Biology

David P. Barash Author

Archimedes to Hawking

Clifford Pickover Author

Stuffed Animals and Pickled...

Stephen T. Asma Author

Fluid Physics in Geology

David Jon Furbish Author

A Means to an End

William R. Clark Author

Handbook of Marine Fisheries...

R. Quentin Grafton Editor
Ray Hilborn Editor

Handbook of Biomedical...

Barry R. Masters Editor
Peter So Editor

Environment, Cognition, and...

Tommy Garling Editor
Gary W. Evans Editor

Writing Science

Joshua Schimel Author

The Nervous Stage

Matthew Wilson Smith Author

The Restless Universe

Eric M. Schlegel Author

The Nazi Connection

Stefan Kuhl Author