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The Oxford Handbook of Music...

Sheila Whiteley Author
Shara Rambarran Author

Composing Electronic Music

Curtis Roads Author

A History of Western Choral...

Chester L. Alwes Author

College Music Curricula for a...

Robin D. Moore Editor

Analytical Essays on Music by...

Laurel Parsons Editor
Brenda Ravenscroft Editor

Digital Tradition

Eliot Bates Author

Discoveries from the Fortepiano

Donna Louise Gunn Author

Buzz to Brilliance

Adrian Griffin Author

Rock 'N' Film

David E. James Author

The Notebooks of Alexander...

Simon Nicholls Translator
Michael Pushkin Translator

Kodály in the Second Grade...

Kodaly Today Handbook (Series)

Micheal Houlahan Author
Philip Tacka Author

The Moving Body in the Aural...

Diane J. Urista Author


Laurel Fay Author

Music and Belonging Between...

Critical Conjunctures in Music and Sound (Series)

Naomi Waltham-Smith Author

Global Perspectives on...

Studies in Musical Perf as Creative Prac (Series)

Tina K. Ramnarine Editor

Arlen and Harburg's Over the...

Oxford Keynotes (Series)

Walter Frisch Author

Back to the Fifties

Oxford Music / Media (Series)

Michael D. Dwyer Author

Listening to War

J. Martin Daughtry Author


Walter Zev Feldman Author

Johann Sebastian Bach's...

Markus Rathey Author

Leipzig After Bach

Jeffrey S. Sposato Author

Being Prez

Dave Gelly Author

Broken Beauty

Joseph N. Straus Author

Folk Music: A Very Short...

Very Short Introductions (Series)

Mark Slobin Author

Tonality and Transformation

Oxford Studies in Music Theory (Series)

Steven Rings Author

Early Music: A Very Short...

Very Short Introductions (Series)

Thomas Forrest Kelly Author

The Making of Cabaret

Keith Garebian Author

Divine Inspirations

David Harnish Editor
Anne Rasmussen Editor

Modern Music and After

Paul Griffiths Author

Watching Jazz

Björn Heile Editor
Peter Elsdon Editor

Unworking Choreography

Oxford Studies in Dance Theory (Series)

Frédéric Pouillaude Author

Valuing Music in Education

Craig Resta Editor

The Oxford Handbook of the...

Robert Gordon Editor
Olaf Jubin Editor

The Band Teacher's Percussion...

Stewart Hoffman Author

The Oxford Handbook of Dance...

Mark Franko Editor

Exceptional Music Pedagogy...

Deborah VanderLinde Blair Editor
Kimberly A. McCord Editor

Teaching Music Improvisation...

Michael Fein Author

Sense and Sadness

Tala Jarjour PhD Author

Robert Altman's Soundtracks

Oxford Music / Media (Series)

Gayle Sherwood Magee Author

Music at Hand

Jonathan De Souza Author

Hermes Pan

John Franceschina Author

Pieces of Tradition

Daniel Harrison Author

Some Other Note

Ross W. Duffin Author

Teaching Music to Students...

Alice M. Hammel Author
Ryan M. Hourigan Author

Teaching General Music

Carlos R. Abril Editor
Brent M. Gault Editor

Special Needs, Community...

Gary E. McPherson Editor
Graham F. Welch Editor

Teaching the Postsecondary...

Kimberly A. McCord Author

The Oxford Handbook of...

George E. Lewis Editor
Benjamin Piekut Editor