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China and Intervention at the...

Courtney J. Fung Author

Democracy in a Time of Misery

Nicole Curato Author

World Peace

Alex J. Bellamy Author

Global Justice & Finance

Tim Hayward Author


Very Short Introductions (Series)

Klaus Dodds Author

The Bank Culture Debate

Huw Macartney Author

The Reshaping of West...

Comparative Politics (Series)

Christoffer Green-pedersen Author

The EU Citizenship Directive

Elspeth Guild Author
Steve Peers Author

The Governance Report 2019

Hertie Governance Report (Series)

The Hertie School of Governance Author

At Europe's Edge

Ċetta Mainwaring Author

Diplomatic Investigations

Herbert Butterfield Editor
Martin Wight Editor

Conditionality & Coercion

Oxford Studies in Democratization (Series)

Isabela Mares Author
Lauren E. Young Author

A Theory of International...

Transformations in Governance (Series)

Liesbet Hooghe Author
Tobias Lenz Author

The Political Foundations of...

Brad Epperly Author

Great Policy Successes

Paul 't Hart Editor
Mallory Compton Editor

Sustainable Materialism

David Schlosberg Author
Luke Craven Author

Territorial Sovereignty

Oxford Political Theory (Series)

Anna Stilz Author