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Killing the Mob

Bill O'Reilly's Killing (Series)

Bill O'Reilly Author
Martin Dugard Author

Last Call

Elon Green Author
David Pittu Narrator

My Story

Elizabeth Smart Author
Chris Stewart Author

The Fact of a Body


Adnan's Story

Rabia Chaudry Author
Rabia Chaudry Narrator

Couple Found Slain

Mikita Brottman Author
Christina Delaine Narrator


Stephen L. Carter Author
Karen Chilton Narrator

El Jefe

Alan Feuer Author
Timothy Pabon Narrator

I Got a Monster

Baynard Woods Author
Brandon Soderberg Author

A Rip in Heaven

Jeanine Cummins Author
Jeanine Cummins Narrator

The Midnight Assassin

Skip Hollandsworth Author
Clint Jordan Narrator

In Hoffa's Shadow

Jack Goldsmith Author
Stephen Graybill Narrator

Secrecy World

Jake Bernstein Author
Jake Bernstein Narrator


Oliver Bullough Author
Oliver Bullough Narrator

Kingdom of Lies

Kate Fazzini Author
Khristine Hvam Narrator

Hollywood Godfather

Gianni Russo Author
Patrick Picciarelli Author

City of Devils

Paul French Author
Paul Chan Narrator


Steve Murphy Author
Javier F. Peña Author

The Lazarus Files

Matthew McGough Author
Matthew McGough Narrator

The Spy in Moscow Station

Eric Haseltine Author
Eric Haseltine Narrator

An Unexplained Death

Mikita Brottman Author
Mikita Brottman Narrator

No Way Home

Tyler Wetherall Author
Marisa Calin Narrator

Gangster Squad

Paul Lieberman Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator


Michael Cannell Author
Peter Berkrot Narrator

The Hour of Peril

Daniel Stashower Author
Edoardo Ballerini Narrator

A Good Month for Murder

Del Quentin Wilber Author
Scott Sowers Narrator

The Year of Fear

Joe Urschel Author
Jeremy Bobb Narrator

Inside the Mind of Casey Anthony

Keith Russell Ablow, MD Author
Henry Leyva Narrator

Mob Daughter

Karen Gravano Author
Karen Gravano Narrator

Deliver Us from Evil

Ralph Sarchie Author
William Dufris Narrator

Strange Piece of Paradise

Terri Jentz Author
Margaret Colin Narrator

Whitey on Trial

Margaret McLean Author
Aaron Lyons Narrator

Mafia Son

Sandra Harmon Author
Oliver Wyman Narrator

The Brass Wall

David Kocieniewski Author
Greg Salata Narrator

Personal Effects

Robert A. Jensen Author
Adam Barr Narrator


Jamie Thompson Author
Jamie Thompson Narrator

The Pretender

Marc Ruskin Author
Francis J. Spieler Narrator

The Holly

Julian Rubinstein Author
Julian Rubinstein Narrator

A Taste for Poison

Neil Bradbury, Ph.D. Author
Derek Perkins Narrator

Handsome Johnny

Lee Server Author
B. J. Harrison Narrator

History of Violence

Édouard Louis Author
Lorin Stein Translator

Crazy for You

Michael Fleeman Author
Gary Tiedemann Narrator

Is Rape a Crime?

Michelle Bowdler Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator


Charles Fox Author
Michael Kramer Narrator

Untitled Celadon True Crime...

Paul Holes Author

Tell Me Everything

Erika Krouse Author
Gabra Zackman Narrator

Agent Sniper

Tim Tate Author
Tim Tate Narrator

Shotguns and Stagecoaches

John Boessenecker Author
Alex Hyde-White Narrator