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The Tyranny of Merit

Michael J. Sandel Author
Michael J. Sandel Narrator

Speaking for Myself

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Author
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Narrator


John O. Brennan Author
John O. Brennan Narrator


Colin Quinn Author
Colin Quinn Narrator

Mill Town

Kerri Arsenault Author
Kerri Arsenault Narrator

Divided We Fall

David French Author
Sean Patrick Hopkins Narrator

Proof of Corruption

Seth Abramson Author
Robert Petkoff Narrator

Channel Kindness

Born This Way Foundation Reporters Author
Lady Gaga Author


David Rothkopf Author
David Rothkopf Narrator


Jamie Thompson Author
Jamie Thompson Narrator

High Crimes

Michael D'Antonio Author
Peter Eisner Author

The Folly and the Glory

Tim Weiner Author
Stefan Rudnicki Narrator

Four Threats

Suzanne Mettler Author
Robert C. Lieberman Author

A User's Guide to Democracy

Nick Capodice Author
Hannah McCarthy Author

A Peculiar Indifference

Elliott Currie Author
Sean Patrick Hopkins Narrator

The Nazi Menace

Benjamin Carter Hett Author
Raphael Corkhill Narrator

Still Right

Rick Tyler Author
Rick Tyler Narrator


Niko Vorobyov Author
Alexi Armitage Narrator

On Fascism

Matthew C. MacWilliams Author
Kevin Stillwell Narrator