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Code Girls

Liza Mundy Author
Erin Bennett Narrator

Madam Speaker

Susan Page Author

The Matriarch

Susan Page Author
Kate Levy Narrator

How Women Rise

Sally Helgesen Author
Marshall Goldsmith Author

Sisters in Hate

Seyward Darby Author
Susan Bennett Narrator

Dear Madam President

Jennifer Palmieri Author

The Queens of Animation

Nathalia Holt Author
Saskia Maarleveld Narrator

No Stopping Us Now

Gail Collins Author
Tanya Eby Narrator

A Game of Birds and Wolves

Simon Parkin Author
Elliot Fitzpatrick Narrator

Comeback Careers

Mika Brzezinski Author
Ginny Brzezinski Contributor

Daughters of the Winter Queen

Nancy Goldstone Author
Laura Kirman Narrator

Be Fierce

Gretchen Carlson Author

Heroines of Mercy Street

Pamela D. Toler Author
Suzanne Toren Narrator

A Moonless, Starless Sky

Alexis Okeowo Author
Kamali Minter Narrator

It's Up to the Women

Eleanor Roosevelt Author
Jill Lepore Author of introduction, etc.


Jaclyn Friedman Author

Fortress America

Elaine Tyler May Author
Kevin Stillwell Narrator


Lisa Selin Davis Author
Thérèse Plummer Narrator

Nice Girls Don't Speak Up or...

Nice Girls (Series)

Lois P. Frankel Author

I'm Not Really a Waitress

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann Author
Sarah Mollo-Christensen Narrator

Bossed Up

Emilie Aries Author

Why Women Have Better Sex...

Kristen R. Ghodsee Author
Esther Wane Narrator

Tech Boss Lady

Adriana Gascoigne Author

The Mind of a Conservative Woman

Marsha Blackburn Author
Newt Gingrich Author of introduction, etc.


Therese Oneill Author
Betsy Foldes-Meiman Narrator

Keep Marching

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner Author


Inga Muscio Author

A Girl Stands at the Door

Rachel Devlin Author
Robin Miles Narrator


Wednesday Martin Author
Thursday Martin Narrator

Is Today the Day?

Tulsi Gabbard Author