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Rutger Bregman Author
Elizabeth Manton Translator

A Life on Our Planet

David Attenborough Author
Jonnie Hughes Contributor

Lady in Waiting

Anne Glenconner Author


Jacob Goldstein Author

The King of Confidence

Miles Harvey Author
Rengin Altay Narrator

The Broken Heart of America

Walter Johnson Author
Jamie Renell Narrator

The Jakarta Method

Vincent Bevins Author
Tim Paige Narrator

Hitler's First Hundred Days

Peter Fritzsche Author
Jim Seybert Narrator

The Victory Machine

Ethan Sherwood Strauss Author

"Promise Me You'll Shoot...

Florian Huber Author
Sam Peter Jackson Narrator

War Fever

Randy Roberts Author
Johnny Smith Author

Tip of the Spear

Ryan Hendrickson Author
Brock Vickers Narrator

Philip and Alexander

Adrian Goldsworthy Author
Neil Dickson Narrator

Lying in State

Eric Alterman Author
Sean Patrick Hopkins Narrator

The Last President of Europe

William Drozdiak Author
Paul Hodgson Narrator

Sutherland Springs

Joe Holley Author

Crucible of Hell

Saul David Author
William Roberts Narrator

The Unfathomable Ascent

Peter Ross Range Author
Paul Hodgson Narrator

Never Alone

Natan Sharansky Author
Gil Troy Author

Bloody Okinawa

Joseph Wheelan Author
George Newbern Narrator


Paul Halpern Author
Jeff Hoyt Narrator

Perfectly Wounded

Mike Day Author
Robert Vera Contributor

Saving Stalin

John Kelly Author
David de Vries Narrator

Collateral Damage

Kim Darroch Author

Man of Tomorrow

Jim Newton Author

Poland 1939

Roger Moorhouse Author

The Habsburgs

Martyn Rady Author
Simon Bowie Narrator

Classical Mythology A to Z

Annette Giesecke Author
Corrie James Narrator

The Indomitable Florence Finch

Robert J. Mrazek Author
Dan Woren Narrator

The Golden Thread

Ravi Somaiya Author

Break It Up

Richard Kreitner Author
Adam Verner Narrator

Ghost Flames

Charles J. Hanley Author
Dan Woren Narrator

The Iron Sea

Simon Read Author
Rafael Corkhill Narrator

Deep Delta Justice

Matthew Van Meter Author
Brad sanders Narrator

Not a Gentleman's Work

Gerard Koeppel Author
Daniel May Narrator

The S.S. Officer's Armchair

Daniel Lee Author
Alex Wyndham Narrator