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Stephanie Land Author
Barbara Ehrenreich Author of introduction, etc.


Sebastian Junger Author


Dave Cullen Author

Natural Causes

Barbara Ehrenreich Author

Into the Abyss

Carol Shaben Author

The Black and the Blue

Matthew Horace Author
Ron Harris Author

Had I Known

Barbara Ehrenreich Author


Erin Gibson Author

Movies (And Other Things)

Shea Serrano Author
Arturo Torres Illustrator

The Most Dangerous Man in...

Bill Minutaglio Author
Steven L. Davis Author

Spring Chicken

Bill Gifford Author

Top of the Morning

Brian Stelter Author

The Naughty Nineties

David Friend Author

Zillow Talk

Spencer Rascoff Author
Stan Humphries Author

Drinking in America

Susan Cheever Author

Mo' Meta Blues

Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson Author
Ben Greenman Author

Esther the Wonder Pig

Steve Jenkins Author
Derek Walter Author


Sharon Moalem Author

Killing the Messenger

David Brock Author

$20 Per Gallon

Christopher Steiner Author

Things I've Learned from Dying

David R. Dow Author

Shadows in the Vineyard

Maximillian Potter Author

Between Good and Evil

Roger L. Depue Author
Susan Schindehette Author

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Jennifer B. Lee Author

A Call to Conscience

Clayborne Carson Author
Kris Shepard Author

America Behind the Color Line

Henry Louis Gates Jr. Author

Keeping Hope Alive

Dr. Hawa Abdi Author
Sarah J. Robbins Author

Belle de Jour

Anonymous Author

The Missionary Position

Christopher Hitchens Author
Thomas Mallon Author of introduction, etc.

Grace After Midnight

Felicia Pearson Author
David Ritz Author

Bobby Wonderful

Bob Morris Author

A Knock at Midnight

Clayborne Carson Author
Peter Holloran Author

The Trial of Henry Kissinger

Christopher Hitchens Author
Ariel Dorfman Author of introduction, etc.


Mark Penn Author
E. Kinney Zalesne Author

Abraham's Children

Jon Entine Author

A Good Talk

Daniel Menaker Author

After Etan

Lisa R. Cohen Author

No One Left to Lie To

Christopher Hitchens Author
Douglas Brinkley Author of introduction, etc.

How to Love a Black Man

Dr. Ronn Elmore Author

The Good Daughter

Jasmin Darznik Author

Politicians, Partisans, and...

Tucker Carlson Author

The Book of Jezebel

Anna Holmes Editor
Kate Harding Author

It's a Wonderful Lie

Emily Franklin Author
Alexandra Robbins Other

Accidental Playboy

Leif Ueland Author

Total Tattoo Book

Amy Krakow Author

Out in All Directions

Eric Marcus Author


Ben Hamper Author

Our Own Worst Enemy

Randall Larsen Author