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Advances in Business...

Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (Series)

Mark S. Glynn Editor
Arch G. Woodside Editor

Strategic Marketing in...

Rodoula H. Tsiotsou Editor
Ronald E. Goldsmith Editor

Leaderhip and Cultural Webs...

Adrian McLean Author

Advances in Positive...

Advances in Positive Organizational Psychology (Series)

Arnold B. Bakker Editor

Cross Cultural Competence

Simon L. Dolan Author
Kristine Marin Kawamura Author

Collaboration in Tourism...

Dogan Gursoy Editor
Melville Saayman Editor

Bridging Tourism Theory and...

Bridging Tourism Theory and Practice (Series)

Eduardo Fayos-Sola Editor
Jafar Jafari Editor

The Handbook of Strategic...

Bernard O'Meara Editor
Stanley Petzall Editor

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Zubin Sethna Editor
Rosalind Jones Editor

Maritime Logistics

Dong-Wook Song Editor
Photis Panayides Editor

International Business and...

International Business and Management (Series)

Ulf Elg Editor
Amjad Hadjikhani Editor

Leadership 2050

Building Leadership Bridges (Series)

Matthew Sowcik Editor
Anthony C. Andenoro Editor

Qualitative Market Research:...

Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal (Series)

Adam Lindgreen Editor
Dr. Martin Hingley Editor

Research in Economic History,...

Research in Economic History (Series)

Christopher Hanes Editor
Susan Wolcott Editor

The Imagination Gap

Brian Reich Author

Studies in Managerial and...

Studies in Managerial and Financial Accounting (Series)

Antonio Davila Editor
Marc J. Epstein Editor

Research on Managing Groups...

Research on Managing Groups and Teams (Series)

Jack Goncalo Editor
Elizabeth Mannix Editor

Freight Transport Modelling

Moshe Ben-Akiva Editor
Hilde Meersman Editor

Public and Third Sector...

Brian Howieson Editor
Julie Hodges Editor

Employee Relations, Volume 31...

Employee Relations (Series)

Sharon Bolton Editor
Maeve Houlihan Editor

Applications of Management...

Applications of Management Science (Series)

Kenneth Lawrence Editor
Gary Kleinman Editor

Library Management, Volume 32...

Library Management (Series)

Book 2

Stephen O'Connor Editor

International Journal of...

International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy (Series)

Paul Lambert Editor

Cross Cultural Management,...

Cross Cultural Management (Series)

Ronald J. Burke Editor

Advances in Public Interest...

Advances in Public Interest Accounting (Series)

Ericka Costa Editor
Lee D. Parker Editor

Accounting, Auditing &...

Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal (Series)

Ingrid Jeacle Editor

New Technology-Based Firms in...

New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium (Series)

Ray Oakey Editor
Aard Groen Editor

Research in Experimental...

Research in Experimental Economics (Series)

John Duffy Editor
R. Mark Isaac Editor

Business Strategy Series,...

Business Strategy Series

Alfred Lewis Editor

Research in Ethical Issues in...

Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations (Series)

Stephen Cohen Editor
Michael Schwartz Editor

Review of Marketing Research,...

Review of Marketing Research (Series)

Deborah J. MacInnis Editor
C. Whan Park Editor

Research in Public Policy...

Research in Public Policy Analysis and Management (Series)

Jon S. T. Quah Author

International Journal of...

International Journal of Public Sector Management (Series)

John Raine Editor
Yusuf Ahmad Editor

New Technology-Based Firms in...

New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium (Series)

Professor Ray Oakey Editor
Dr. Gary Cook Editor

Research on Professional...

Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting (Series)

Cynthia Jeffrey Editor

Advances in Business...

Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (Series)

Arch G. Woodside Editor

International Journal of Bank...

International Journal of Bank Marketing (Series)

Hooman Estelami Editor
Kent Eriksson Editor

Advances in Business and...

Advances in Business and Management Forecasting (Series)

Kenneth D. Lawrence Editor
Ronald Klimberg Editor

Research in Personnel and...

Research in Personnel and Human Resources Management (Series)

Joseph J.Martocchio Editor
Aparna Joshi Editor

Journal of Managerial...

Journal of Managerial Psychology (Series)

Michael J. Morley Author
Jean-Luc Cerdin Author

Globalizing China

Huiyao Wang Author

Strategic Direction, Volume...

Strategic Direction (Series)

Martin Fojt Editor
Juliet Norton Editor

Studies in Public and...

Studies in Public and Non-Profit Governance (Series)

Luca Gnan Editor
Alessandro Hinna Editor

Research in Consumer Behavior...

Research in Consumer Behavior (Series)

Russell W. Belk Editor

Advances in Culture, Tourism...

Advances in Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research (Series)

Antónia Correia Editor
Juergen Gnoth Editor

Journal of Property...

Journal of Property Investment & Finance (Series)

Tien Foo Sing Editor
Seow Eng Ong Editor

Tourism Social Science,...

Tourism Social Science (Series)

Ana María Munar Editor
Szilvia Gyimóthy Editor

International Journal of...

International Journal of Energy Sector Management (Series)

Carlos Henggeler Antunes Editor
Alvaro Gomes Editor