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Current Trends and Future...

Angelo Basile Editor
Sylwia Mozia Editor

Application of Smart Grid...

Lisa Lamont Editor
Ali Sayigh Editor

Chemical Projects Scale Up

Joe M. Bonem Author

Chipless RFID Reader Design...

Marco Garbati Author
Etienne Perret Author

Hybrid Machining

Xichun Luo Author
Yi Qin Author

Medicinal Chemistry

Roland Barret Author

Smart Wheelchairs and...

Pablo Diez Editor

Cross Country Pipeline Risk...

Arafat Aloqaily Author

Membrane-Based Salinity...

Sarper Sarp Editor
Nidal Hilal Editor

Health Efficiency

Marianne Sarazin Editor

Postharvest Physiology and...

Elhadi M. Yahia Editor
Armando Carrillo-Lopez Editor

Nonlinear Electronics 1

Brahim Haraoubia Author

Deepwater Drilling

Peter Aird Author

Strut and Tie Models

Naveed Anwar Author

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen

Viktor Hacker Editor
Shigenori Mitsushima Editor

Computational Structural...

Snehashish Chakraverty Author
Karan Kumar Pradhan Author

Sustainable Design and Build

Md. Faruque Hossain Author

Smart Power Distribution Systems

Qiang Yang Editor
Ting Yang Editor

New Trends in Coal Conversion

Isabel Suarez-Ruiz Editor
Fernando Rubiera Editor

Optical Wireless...

Arun K. Majumdar Author

Radar Propagation and...

Christophe Bourlier Author

Microalgae in Health and...

Ira Levine Editor
Joël Fleurence Editor

Advanced Applications in...

Mangey Ram Editor
J Paulo Davim Editor

Coastal Management

R. R. Krishnamurthy Editor
M.P. Jonathan Editor

Pollution Control Technology...

Zhao Youcai Author

Nanomaterials and Polymer...

Niranjan Karak Editor

Emerging Materials for Energy...

Kuan Yew Cheong Editor
Giuliana Impellizzeri Editor

Gas Wettability of Reservoir...

Guancheng Jiang Author

Ni-free Ti-based Shape Memory...

Hee Young Kim Author
Shuichi Miyazaki Author

Artificial Neural Networks...

Alma Y. Alanis Editor
Nancy Arana-Daniel Editor

EEG Brain Signal...

Sandeep Kumar Satapathy Author
Satchidananda Dehuri Author

Development of Volcanic Gas...

Qiquan Ran Author
Dong Ren Author

Tidal Energy Systems

Vikas Khare Author
Cheshta Khare Author

Whey Proteins

Hilton C Deeth Editor

Easy Statistics for Food...

Abbas F. M. Alkarkhi Author
Wasin A. A. Alqaraghuli Author

Structure-Function Analysis...

Alejandro G. Marangoni Editor

Aerial Autonomy

Stephan Weiss Author

Navigation with Signals and...

Kartik Ariyur Author

Thermal Management of...

Ali Turan Author

Process Control

Antonio A Alonso Author
Denis Dochain Author

Industrial Engineering for...

Maria Di Mascolo Author
Marie-Laure Espinouse Author

Engineering Materials 1

David R.H. Jones Author
Michael F. Ashby Author

Free-Surface Flow

Nikolaos D. Katopodes Author

A Relaxation-Based Approach...

Vadim Azhmyakov Author

Internet of Things

Vlasios Tsiatsis Author
Stamatis Karnouskos Author

Handbook of Solvents, Volume 2

George Wypych Editor


Frank Crundwell Author

Recent Advances in Emerging...

Vaibhav Kulshrestha Author
Vinod Kumar Shahi Author