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Ancestral DNA, Human Origins,...

Rene J. Herrera Author
Ralph Garcia-Bertrand Author

Climate Change

Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay Author
Sm Karisiddaiah Author

Machine Learning Techniques...

Enrico Camporeale Editor
Simon Wing Editor

Moving Particle Semi-implicit...

Seiichi Koshizuka Author
Kazuya Shibata Author

Fibroblast Growth Factors

Xiaokun Li Author

Principles and Applications...

Nader Rifai Editor
A. Rita Horvath Editor

Food Fortification in a...

M.G.Venkatesh Mannar Editor
Richard F. Hurrell Editor

Gene Therapy in Neurological...

Mingjie Li Editor
B. Joy Snider Editor

The Paracellular Channel

Jianghui Hou Author

Science of Carbon Storage in...

Pania Newell Editor
Anastasia Ilgen Editor

The Chick Brain in...

Luis Puelles Author
Margaret Martinez-de-la-Torre Author

Water Quality Monitoring and...

Daoliang Li Author
Shuangyin Liu Author

Recent Developments in...

Buddolla Viswanath Editor

Advances in Bioorganometallic...

Toshikazu Hirao Editor
Toshiyuki Moriuchi Editor

Biomimetic Synthesis

Chuo Chen Editor
Jie Jack Li Editor

Experimental and Surgical...

Paul Flecknell Author
Szczepan Baran Author

Nutrition and Skeletal Muscle

Stéphane Walrand Editor

Badlands Dynamics in a...

Estela Nadal-Romero Editor
Juan F. Martinez-Murillo Editor

Biodiversity of Fishes in...

Achom Darshan Singh Author
Santoshkumar Abujam Author

Dynamic Mars

Richard J. Soare Editor
Susan J. Conway Editor

A Roadmap to Nonhematopoietic...

Xiao-Dong Chen Editor

Volatiles in the Martian Crust

Justin Filiberto Editor
Susanne P. Schwenzer Editor

Advanced Issue Resolution in...

Mary Jeanne Kallman Editor
Michael Pugsley Editor

Computational Structural...

Snehashish Chakraverty Author
Karan Kumar Pradhan Author

The Economics and Politics of...

Hongtu Zhao Author

Oil Spill Studies

Frederic Muttin Editor

Optical Wireless...

Arun K. Majumdar Author

Neurobiology of Depression

Joao Luciano de Quevedo Editor
Andre Ferrer Carvalho Editor

Nontuberculous Mycobacteria...

Ali Akbar Velayati Editor
Parissa Farnia Editor

The Sun as a Guide to Stellar...

Oddbjørn Engvold Editor
Jean-claude Vial Editor

Terrestrial Earthworms...

Nengwen Xiao Author

Coastal Management

R. R. Krishnamurthy Editor
M.P. Jonathan Editor

Pollution Control Technology...

Zhao Youcai Author

Gas Wettability of Reservoir...

Guancheng Jiang Author

Artificial Neural Networks...

Alma Y. Alanis Editor
Nancy Arana-Daniel Editor

EEG Brain Signal...

Sandeep Kumar Satapathy Author
Satchidananda Dehuri Author

Tidal Energy Systems

Vikas Khare Author
Cheshta Khare Author

Aerial Autonomy

Stephan Weiss Author

Thermal Management of...

Ali Turan Author

Solid State Physics

Joginder Singh Galsin Author


Andrew S. Mount Editor
A.P. Wheeler Editor


Frank Crundwell Author

Coal and Peat Fires

Glenn B. Stracher Editor

Design of Transient...

Nihal Kularatna Author
Alistair Steyn Ross Author

Nanomaterials in Chromatography

Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain Editor

Machine Learning in...

Nilanjan Dey Editor
Surekha Borra Editor

Dietary Interventions in...

Ronald Ross Watson Editor
Victor R. Preedy Editor