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The Crime Scene

Marilyn T. Miller Author
Peter Massey Author

Counterfeiting and Brand...

David Walters Author
Matthew Smith Author

Forensic Pathology

Evan Matshes Editor
David Dolinak Editor

Ortner's Identification of...

Jane E. Buikstra Editor


Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran Editor
Christopher B. Rogers Editor

The Psychology and Sociology...

Wendy J Koen Editor
C. Michael Bowers Editor

Firearm and Toolmark...

Ronald Nichols Author

Forensic Science in the Media

C. Michael Bowers Author

Child Abuse and Neglect

India Bryce Editor
Yolande Robinson Editor

The End of Driving

Bern Grush Author
John Niles Author

Autopsy of the Pregnant Woman

Marianne Hamel Author


Ann H. Ross Editor
Eugenia Cunha Editor

Atlas of Human Cranial...

Joseph T. Hefner Author
Kandus C. Linde Author

Investigating Windows Systems

Harlan Carvey Author

Sustainable Urban Mobility...

Oliver Lah Editor

Engineering Standards for...

Richard W. Mclay Editor
Robert N. Anderson Editor

Quality Management in...

Sean Doyle Author

Investigations in Sex Estimation

Donna L. Harrison Author

Patent Law Basics for...

Sarah Hasford Author

Harmonization of Food...

Bernd van der Meulen Editor

Postmortem Toxicology

Timothy P. Rohrig Author

Population Loss

Rachel S. Franklin Other
Eveline S. van Leeuwen Other