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Quantum Machine Learning

Peter Wittek Author

A Short Course in Cloud Physics

M.K. Yau Author
R R Rogers Author

Essential Mathematical...

Hans J. Weber Author
George B. Arfken Author

The Science of Fitness

Greg LeMond Author
Mark Hom Author

Encyclopedia of Insects

Vincent H. Resh Editor
Ring T. Cardé Editor

Neuroanatomy for Medical...

J. L. Wilkinson Author

Elements of Petroleum Geology

Richard C. Selley Author
Stephen A. Sonnenberg Author

Introduction to Forestry and...

Donald L. Grebner Author
Pete Bettinger Author

Practical Text Mining and...

Gary Miner Author
John Elder Author

Handbook of Natural Gas...

Saeid Mokhatab Author
William A. Poe Author

Agricultural Sustainability

Gurbir S. Bhullar Editor
Navreet K. Bhullar Editor

Cancer Immunotherapy

George C. Prendergast Editor
Elizabeth M. Jaffee Editor

Designing Science Presentations

Matt Carter Author

Landscape Evolution in the...

Joseph A. DiPietro Author

Introductory Immunology

Jeffrey K. Actor Author

Perfume Engineering

Miguel A Teixeira Author
Oscar Rodriguez Author

Engineering Energy Storage

Odne Stokke Burheim Author

The Prefrontal Cortex

Joaquin Fuster Author

Basic Neurochemistry

Scott Brady Other
Scott Brady Editor

The End of Alzheimer's

Thomas J. Lewis Author
Clement L. Trempe Author

Waking and the Reticular...

Edgar Garcia-Rill Author

Pipeline Risk Management Manual

W. Kent Muhlbauer Author

Physics and Chemistry of the...

Physics and Chemistry of the Solar System (Series)

John S. Lewis Author

The Future of Drug Discovery

Tamas Bartfai Author
Graham V. Lees Author

Sustainable Energy Management

Mirjana Radovanović (Golusin) Author
Stevan Popov Author

Engineering Materials 1

David R.H. Jones Author
Michael F. Ashby Author


Laurie J. Vitt Author
Janalee P. Caldwell Author


ISSN (Series)

Stephen M. King Other
Gregory J Pazour Other

Sustainability in Engineering...

Anthony Johnson Author
Andy Gibson Author

Elephant Sense and Sensibility

Michael Garstang Author


Michael F. L'Annunziata Author

Cloud Computing in Ocean and...

Tiffany C Vance Editor
Nazila Merati Editor

Forensic Dental Evidence

C. Michael Bowers Editor

Modern Physics: for...

John Morrison Author

Shooting Incident Reconstruction

Michael G. Haag Author
Lucien C. Haag Author

The Immunoglobulin FactsBook

Facts (Series)

Marie-Paule Lefranc Author
Gerard Lefranc Author

Global Sustainable...

Woodrow W. Clark Editor

Creating a Culture of...

Mahadeo A. Sukhai Author
Chelsea E. Mohler Author

Advanced Reservoir Management...

Tarek Ahmed Author
Nathan Meehan Author

The Encyclopedia of Volcanoes

Haraldur Sigurdsson Editor
Bruce Houghton Editor

From Academia to Entrepreneur

Eugene Khor Author


Martin H. Sadd Author

Dynamic Well Testing in...

HuiNong Zhuang Author

Essentials of Medical...

N. V. Bhagavan Author
Chung-Eun Ha Author

Sustainable Communities...

Woodrow W. Clark Author
Woodrow W. Clark Editor

Lees' Process Safety Essentials

Sam Mannan Author

Scientific Papers and...

Martha Davis Author
Kaaron Joann Davis Author

Accurate Results in the...

Amitava Dasgupta Editor
Jorge L. Sepulveda Editor