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Future Energy

Trevor M. Letcher Editor

Encyclopedia of Insects

Vincent H. Resh Editor
Ring T. Cardé Editor

Fundamentals of Ecosystem...

Kathleen C. Weathers Editor
David L. Strayer Editor

Sustainable Power...

Galen J. Suppes Author
Truman S. Storvick Author

Elephant Sense and Sensibility

Michael Garstang Author

Disaster Planning for Libraries

Chandos Information Professional (Series)

Guy Robertson Author

Electrochemical Water...

Mika Sillanpää Author
Marina Shestakova Author

Marine Mammals

Annalisa Berta Author
James L. Sumich Author

The Social Dog

Juliane Kaminski Author
Sarah Marshall-Pescini Author


Mikhail Ostrooumov Author

Thorp and Covich's Freshwater...

James H. Thorp Editor
D. Christopher Rogers Editor

Primate Adaptation and Evolution

John G. Fleagle Author

Robertson on Library Security...

Chandos Information Professional (Series)

Guy Robertson Author

Ecology of Insular Southeast...

Friedhelm Goltenboth Editor
Kris H. Timotius Editor


Yonghong Wu Author

Social Predation

Guy Beauchamp Author

Designing Teaching Strategies

ISSN (Series)

R. Douglas Greer Author

Energy, Resources and Welfare

Bent Sørensen Author


Max Wyss Editor
Silvia Peppoloni Editor

River Ecosystem Ecology

Gene E. Likens Editor

Land Restoration

Ilan Chabay Editor
Martin Frick Editor

Genetics and the Behavior of...

Temple Grandin Editor
Mark J. Deesing Editor

Hazardous Waste Handbook for...

William F. Martin Author
John M. Lippitt Author


Robert G. Wetzel Author

Introduction to Emergency...

Jane A. Bullock Author
George D. Haddow Author

Quantitative Methods in...

Wilson C. Chin, PhD Author

Climate Change

Trevor M. Letcher Editor

Efficient Livestock Handling

Bonnie V. Beaver Author
Don Höglund Author

Aquatic Functional Biodiversity

Andrea Belgrano Editor
Guy Woodward Editor

Flood Forecasting

Thomas E. Adams Editor
Thomas C. Pagano Editor

Tsunamis in the...

Gerassimos Papadopoulos Author

Biological and Environmental...

John F. Shroder Other
Ramesh Sivanpillai Editor

Climatic Hazards in Coastal...

Bimal Paul Author
Harun Rashid Author

Healthcare Emergency Incident...

Jan Glarum Author

Volcanic Hazards, Risks and...

John F. Shroder Other
Paolo Papale Editor

Soil Nematodes of Grasslands...

Qi Li Author
Wenju Liang Author

Social Ecology in the Digital...

Daniel Stokols Author

Register of International Rivers

Sam Stuart Author

Presynaptic Receptors and...

S.Z. Langer Editor
A.M. Galzin Editor

Dynamics of Degeneration and...

Kjell Fuxe Editor
Lars Olson Editor


Michael J. Sanderson Editor
Larry Hufford Editor

Population Limitation in Birds

Ian Newton Author
Keith Brockie Illustrator

Molecular Aspects of...

Ernest Schoffeniels Editor
Eberhard Neumann Editor

Brain Receptor Methodologies

Paul J. Marangos Editor
Iain C. Campbell Editor

Physiology Past, Present and...

D. J. Anderson Editor

Advances in Cellular...

Sergey Fedoroff Editor
Leif Hertz Editor

Clinical Neuroendocrinology,...

G. M. Besser Editor
Luciano Martini Editor