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Case Studies in Public Health

Theodore H. Tulchinsky Author

Understanding Virtual Reality

The Morgan Kaufmann in Computer Graphics (Series)

William R. Sherman Author
Alan B. Craig Author

Transportation Planning and...

Ted Grossardt Author
Keiron Bailey Author

Developmental Pathways to...

Michelle M. Martel Editor

Immunology in the Twentieth...

Domenico Ribatti Author

Ancestral DNA, Human Origins,...

Rene J. Herrera Author
Ralph Garcia-Bertrand Author

Current Trends and Future...

Angelo Basile Editor
Sylwia Mozia Editor

Human Microbiota in Health...

Bryan Tungland Author

Nanomaterials in Chromatography

Chaudhery Mustansar Hussain Editor

Application of Smart Grid...

Lisa Lamont Editor
Ali Sayigh Editor

Better Living With Dementia

Laura N. Gitlin Author
Nancy A. Hodgson Author

Chemical Projects Scale Up

Joe M. Bonem Author

Climate Change

Ranadhir Mukhopadhyay Author
Sm Karisiddaiah Author

Current Topics in...

Current Topics in Developmental Biology (Series)

Ali H Brivanlou Other

Elements of Oil and Gas Well...

P.D. Pattillo Author

Handbook of Nanomaterials for...

Micro and Nano Technologies (Series)

Joao Conde Editor

Machine Learning Techniques...

Enrico Camporeale Editor
Simon Wing Editor

Moving Particle Semi-implicit...

Seiichi Koshizuka Author
Kazuya Shibata Author

Advances in Agronomy, Volume 150

Advances in Agronomy (Series)

Donald L. Sparks Editor

Advances in Quantum Chemistry...

Advances in Quantum Chemistry (Series)

John R. Sabin Other
Erkki J. Brandas Other

Fibroblast Growth Factors

Xiaokun Li Author

Chipless RFID Reader Design...

Marco Garbati Author
Etienne Perret Author

Principles and Applications...

Nader Rifai Editor
A. Rita Horvath Editor

Food Fortification in a...

M.G.Venkatesh Mannar Editor
Richard F. Hurrell Editor

Hybrid Machining

Xichun Luo Author
Yi Qin Author

Medicinal Chemistry

Roland Barret Author

Illustrated Toxicology

PK Gupta Author

Indian Shield

A.B. Roy Author
Ritesh Purohit Author

Computer Aided Chemical...

Computer Aided Chemical Engineering (Series)

Ravendra Singh Editor
Zhihong Yuan Editor

Detection of Drugs and Their...

Emerging Issues in Analytical Chemistry (Series)

Robert M. White Author
Christine M. Moore Author

Gene Therapy in Neurological...

Mingjie Li Editor
B. Joy Snider Editor

Licensing Electronic...

Corey S. Halaychik Author
Blake Reagan Author

Lipid Modification by Enzymes...

Uwe T. Bornscheuer Editor

Neuronal Correlates of Empathy

Ksenia Z. Meyza Editor
Ewelina Knapska Editor

Methods in Enzymology, Volume...

Methods in Enzymology (Series)

Roderic Eckenhoff Other
Ivan Dmochowski Other


Paula Tennant Editor
Gustavo Fermin Editor

Profiles of Drug Substances,...

Profiles of Drug Substances, Excipients and Related Methodology (Series)

Harry G. Brittain Editor

Progress in Molecular Biology...

Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science (Series)

Ronald L Schnaar Other
Pablo H.H. Lopez Other

Pericyclic Chemistry

Dipak Kumar Mandal Author

Plant Metabolites and...

Parvaiz Ahmad Editor
Mohammad Abass Ahanger Editor

Smart Wheelchairs and...

Pablo Diez Editor

Studies in Natural Products...

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry (Series)

Atta-ur-Rahman Editor

Signal Processing for...

Wim van Drongelen Author

Sustainable Desalination...

Gnaneswar Gude Editor

Neurobiology of Abnormal...

Susan Sangha Editor
Dan Foti Editor

Advances in Protein Chemistry...

Advances in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology (Series)

Rossen Donev Other

Autophagy and Cardiometabolic...

Jun Ren Author
James R. Sowers Author