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Perceptions of Sustainability...

Heritage Studies (Series)

Marie-Theres Albert Editor

Design of Multimodal Mobile...

Nava Shaked Editor
Ute Winter Editor

Religion and Public Reason

Praktische Theologie im Wissenschaftsdiskurs (Series)

Maureen Junker-Kenny Author

Reforming Music

Chiara Bertoglio Author

Textile Engineering

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Yasir Nawab Editor
Tanveer Hussain Contributor

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Sammlung Tusculum (Series)

Rainer Nickel Editor

Speech and Language...

Speech Technology and Text Mining in Medicine and Health Care (Series)

Katharine Beals Author
Deborah Dahl Author

Hellenistic Studies at a...

Trends in Classics--Supplementary Volumes (Series)

Richard Hunter Editor
Antonios Rengakos Editor

No Intervention. Die Pax...

Klaus Hildebrand Author

Nietzsche, German Idealism...

Nietzsche Today (Series)

Katia Hay Editor
Leonel R. dos Santos Editor

Space Technology

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Thomas F. Mütsch Author
Matthias B. Kowalski Author

Systems, Automation and Control

Advances in Systems, Signals and Devices (Series)

Book 2014

Nabil Derbel Editor

Scientific Computing

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Timo Heister Author
Leo G. Rebholz Author

Metal Cutting Technologies

Advanced Mechanical Engineering (Series)

J. Paulo Davim Editor
Viktor Astakhov Contributor

The Science of Innovation

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Karsten Löhr Author

Nano Devices and Sensors

Juin J. Liou Editor
Shien-Kuei Liaw Editor

Fabric of Life--Textile Arts...

Edition Angewandte (Series)

Karin Altmann Author

A Grammar of Central Alaskan...

Mouton Grammar Library [MGL] (Series)

Osahito Miyaoka Author

Signals and Systems

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Gang Li Author
Liping Chang Author

High Quality Design on a Low...

IFLA Publications (Series)

Dorothea Sommer Editor
Janine Schmidt Editor

Augmented Reality

Anett Mehler-Bicher Author
Michael Reiss Author

The Fundamentals of...

Felix Hüning Author


Rafael Luque Editor
Chun-Ping Xu Editor

Advanced Calculus

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Pietro-Luciano Buono Author

Smart Data Analytics

De Gruyter Praxishandbuch (Series)

Andreas Wierse Author
Till Riedel Author

Intelligent Materials and...

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Haim Abramovich Author

Zwischen Krone und Kurie

Ars et Scientia (Series)

Reinhard Rupert Metzner Author

Supply Chain Management

Ruth Melzer-Ridinger Author

Advanced Data Management

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Lena Wiese Author

Vanishing Viscosity Method

Boling Guo Author
Dongfen Bian Author

Good Humor, Bad Taste

Mouton Text (Series)

Giselinde Kuipers Author

Handbook of Israel

De Gruyter Reference (Series)

Eliezer Ben-Rafael Editor
Julius H. Schoeps Editor

Information Technology for...

Maria Adela Grando Editor
Ronen Rozenblum Editor

Graphs for Pattern Recognition

Damir Gainanov Author

Low Power VLSI Design

Angsuman Sarkar Author
Swapnadip De Author

Chaotic Secure Communication

Kehui Sun Author
Tsinghua University Press Contributor

Learning Chinese

Trends in Applied Linguistics [TAL] (Series)

Patricia Duff Author
Tim Anderson Author

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Sammlung Tusculum (Series)

Gerhard Fink Translator

Probability Theory and...

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Peter Zörnig Author

Die Rückforderung von...

Dirk Zeranski Author

Sign Languages of the World

De Gruyter Hand (Series)

Julie Bakken Jepsen Editor
Goedele De Clerck Editor

Suspension Concentrates

De Gruyter Text (Series)

Tharwat F. Tadros Author

Die Allied Mobile Force 1961...

Entstehung und Probleme des Atlantischen Bündnisses (Series)

Bernd Lemke Author


Fontes et Subsidia ad Bibliam pertinentes (Series)

Dirk Schwiderski Editor

Seaweed Invasions

Craig Johnson Editor


Bibliotheca scriptorum Graecorum et Romanorum Teubneriana (Series)

Publius Vergilius Maro Author
Gian Biagio Conte Editor

Essays in Islamic Philology,...

Studies in the History and Culture of the Middle East (Series)

Alireza Korangy Editor
Wheeler M. Thackston Editor


De Gruyter Studium (Series)

Wilfried Härle Author